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INBOUND 19: A roundup of what we learnt at HubSpot’s Partner Day

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INBOUND 19 is officially in the books. The Digital 22 crew that attended are slowly getting over the Boston blues, have recovered from the jetlag and are ready to share so many learnings from HubSpot’s latest blockbuster event. This year was a little different, as half of the team attended Drift’s HYPERGROWTH event while the others attended Partner Day.

inbound 19

This was the third annual Partner Day which takes place the day before the actual INBOUND event. It’s where all the HubSpot Partner Agencies are invited. We sent Content Manager, Mayzin, Inbound Marketer, Amy, and Lead Social Media Marketer, Sammie, to see what HubSpot has in store for us for the upcoming year. Here’s what they learnt and some key takeaways…

Key takeaways from Partner Day at INBOUND 19


“Something I felt was a recurring theme Partner Day and the whole of INBOUND 19 was that we should be growing better. As in, evolving into better people, workers and marketers. I found that really inspiring!”


“HubSpot is always building to ‘help millions of organisations grow better’ by adding new tools to better their original platform. They listen to their customers and are always reading feedback to see where they can improve.

“For me, the biggest takeaway from Partner Day was all of the new updates as a lot of these will impact my work in the future for the better.”

To read what these product updates which left an impression on Amy are, go ahead and check out this blog.


Like the others, Sammie attended loads of different talks and workshops. Here’s a collection of some of the most memorable quotes that stuck with her during Partner Day.

“When you’re a leader, don’t have the attitude that you have it all figured out. Be hungry, but humble.”


“Surround yourself with people that influence you in a good way, ones who push your buttons. Ones that make you want to be like them, but your own version, so you stay authentic.”

“You learn more from bad managers on what not to do.”

“Find a way to help reality set into your job role and the consequences of an/or failing in that role.”

That’s the great thing about Partner Day and INBOUND. It’s not all just about inbound marketing. The common theme that resonated with both Sammie and Mayzin was growing as a person and how to be a better manager.

What else happened at Partner Day?

As you can imagine, a lot of the stuff was heavily NDA’d, but I can’t let you leave here completely empty-handed. So here’s a quick overview of some of the talks, keynotes and workshops that took place.


Changes are coming to the Sales Hub, Service Hub and the platform in general. This includes a change to the tier structure, how the directory can be navigated and much more.

Sales Hub

Sales Hub is getting a new facelift, changes to how video can be used in sales, attribution reporting is on the horizon and a bunch of other things.


A lot more was announced and I’m sure HubSpot will reveal everything in good time (I don’t fancy getting into trouble). We love putting all of these learnings into action whenever we can. The knowledge we gain at events like these allows us to implement it into marketing campaigns. It’s also what makes us experts in HubSpot.

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