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Inbound After Hours: Connecting with prospects when we can't meet F2F.

How are you finding making connections with prospects while under worldwide lockdown? Webinars are great, podcasts have their place and social media is soaring. But there's so much more we can do than just stale Zoom calls to engage people remotely during these strange times.

Usually filmed in our cosy podcasting room in the office, the pandemic has left us no choice but to film our latest podcast digitally. Affectionately named 'Inbound in the spare room', this episode is all about engaging your audience and prospects, without being face to face. We offer insight from Andrew, Rikki and Paul about how we as an agency are approaching this challenge and how you can too. Watch or listen below to find out how we're tackling it. 


Granted, a lot of our sales processes have always been executed online. Those initial discovery calls are via Zoom anyway, so that's pretty much business as usual. However, what has changed is our ability to meet face to face before anybody signs on the dotted line.

This leaves us, and anybody who operates in the same way, with significantly less opportunity to build relationships and trust. Can online video really bridge that gap?

We've talked about incorporating video in your marketing arsenal before, but if you're late to the party, now be your chance to shine. Without giving too much away, the guys also discuss:

  • Video content and how that can be made efficient yet highly personalised for your audience.
  • Polished vs raw filmed videos. What would your prospects prefer to see from a potential business they're going to work with?
  • Exciting new platforms and programs everybody has had to adapt to during the pandemic and how they're changing the landscape as we know it. 
  • Getting in front of your audience and how to reaffirm you're what they're looking for. 
  • Rikki's massive three litre water bottle. 
  • And okay yes, we talked about webinars a little but they're honestly fantastic.

If podcasts just aren't cutting it and you want to stay in-the-know regularly and offer your insight to the topics we discuss, go ahead and join our private Facebook group. Keeping with the theme, named Inbound After Hours, it's where you and a growing number of marketers can share your ideas and get involved.

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