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INBOUND AFTER HOURS: HubSpot hit 100K customers! 😯

HubSpot weren't messing around when they burst onto the scene in 2006. It all revolved around people and how the way they shop and buy had changed, meaning companies had to adapt by creating valuable content and experience to build long-term relationships with customers. Now? HubSpot has hit 100,000 customers.


Two people that can really explain the growth and popularity of HubSpot and inbound marketing in general are Rikki and Andrew. They've been involved in plenty of pitches where they had to explain what inbound is as a methodology and they've witnessed the growth ever since.

In this week's episode, the two share their experience with HubSpot and how it's grown from being an automation app to now being a powerful CRM platform to align marketing, sales and service teams.

To hear what they have to say, click the play button above to watch the video or the Soundcloud link below to listen on-the-go. 👇


How has HubSpot changed and where is it heading?

Rikki mentions that five(ish) years ago, there were only 100 or so people in the UK actually using HubSpot. And every sales opportunity began with explaining what HubSpot is, what the platform can do, what inbound marketing is - so it was all very educational.

At the time, the big push was trying to move away from outbound tactics like newspaper ads and as inbound has evolved, so have a multitude of other channels like social and content.

Now, things are changing. You're talking thousands of people in the UK alone using HubSpot and 100,000 companies now using the platform shows the trajectory it's on.

There's less siloed marketing going on now than previously. Years ago, you'd have been the hero marketers bringing HubSpot into the business. There's now a better chance than ever where this is already in place.

This alone is a big change.

It's more well known and more people have now actually used it already in a previous role or have some experience with it.

This means people are more engaged during the onboarding and sales process, as they're aware of what HubSpot and inbound marketing is. It's also elevated people to the next level; beyond basic advice like 'let's start blogging'.

Andrew has some solid advice to take away, too. Get your hands dirty with HubSpot. Dive into one hub and become an expert in it. Learn the ins and outs and champion that hub. If you nail that and get deep into it, you'll stand out.


To get some more unique insights on HubSpot's growth and what it can mean for you, make sure to hit a play button above.

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