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INBOUND AFTER HOURS: Inbound marketing pitfalls to avoid (that we probably told you to do)

Sometimes, following too many best practices can be a bad thing. It isn't technically wrong, but best practices tend to be safe and not risky, meaning your marketing ends up generic (a kinder way of saying boring 🤷) and doesn't get the results you need.

Ultimately, you can end up in some pitfalls and annoyingly, you're there because you followed what you were told to do. At the time, the tactics are great but eventually, they can have a negative impact.

That's exactly what Rikki and Andrew discuss in this episode of Inbound After Hours. They know the typical pitfalls marketers tend to fall in and they're on-hand to make sure you end up there. To make sure you grab their insights, hit the play button below.


It's time to shelve eBooks for a while

The go-to collateral for any industry or topic is to default to an eBook. A lengthy, 101 guide with endless pages that requires a huge commitment to write and an even bigger commitment from a reader to finish and take the desired action.

Sure, keyword volume might tell you to write an awareness eBook. That's actually the right thing to do at the start to cover your bases, especially if you don't have anything like that currently or your competition doesn't either.

But that should be the lowest bar.

Ultimately, you end up on a hamster wheel by doing basic-level and create content that's only keyword-driven. This means you'll never do more expert-level content or have a chance to showcase your personality as awareness eBooks are so shallow.

Think of it this way—if 10 brands have done an awareness eBook on your topic, is there really anything you'd do differently or better? Probably not.


There's a lot of other content types out there. Don't revert to the cookie-cutter, old reliable format. Don't be afraid to switch it up.

Stop trying to do everything

The inbound marketing playbook might tell you to do everything across every channel. That isn't realistic and one area that applies is social media.

Do you really need to be on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Then LinkedIn as well. Maybe Pinterest. Possibly TikTok now. There's a lot out there but the rules don't say you need to be everywhere.

The reality is, by pushing content out across every channel, whatever you put out could be mediocre. Instead, being on the platforms your target audience is using, you can spend valuable time sharing better, more engaging content.

Niche down what's effective, focus on where you do well and go all-in on them. You can be masters in these areas rather than wasting time and effort on channels that don't get you results.

What else?

Andrew and Rikki go into great detail about moving away from eBooks and having the confidence to try other content types, but there's more. They also a little into keyword volume, automation and much more.

To make sure you don't miss out on the insights and avoid the pitfalls marketers often fall into, hit play and start utilising their tips.

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