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5 Insightful Reports You Can Create For Your Sales Team

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Rather than your sales team wasting their time and focusing outwards on prospecting, it makes a lot more sense to look inwards at the wealth of information a CRM like HubSpot can provide. A CRM software enables your sales team to capture, monitor and understand your contacts and effectively close more deals.

To do that, though, they’ll need to use detailed reports. That’s where you can help by providing these insightful reports for them to use and also impress senior figures.


We’ve also published a blog about the marketing reports you should create in HubSpot, which you can check out here. The reports your sales team needs to close more deals include:

Deal Forecast

In HubSpot, the deal forecast report shows the amount of forecasted revenue for deals in your sales team’s deal pipeline. This is calculated by multiplying the amount of each deal by the probability of each deal.

This is great for your sales team, as this report shows all of the deal stages. Plus, these will only appear in this report if they have an amount and a close date that falls within the dashboard date range.

With the inclusion of the deal forecast widget, your sales team gets a more complete picture of their current deals and gives you and other managers more access to controlling your team quotas.

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So, at a glance, you should be able to see how your team is doing, where they’re projected to be and what changes need to be made - if any - to get them there. At the end of the day, it just lets your sales team spend more time on closing deals.

Which Articles Attracted Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs)

Different blog posts, CTAs and marketing materials are aimed at different parts of the Flywheel. While some will do a great job of attracting the perfect customers right away, others will need more work to nudge them in the right direction.

Rather than creating reports to look at each individual landing page to see which ones converted the most customers (as that’s not exactly scalable), you should create a report of all the leads you’ve closed by the first conversion.

You and your sales team might find that certain content is driving more success and converting SQLs, This gives your sales team a better indication of what’s been working and what they can do more of or which content they can push.

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Sales Seasonality

Something a lot of enterprise businesses like yours tend to do is focus on metrics such as the amount of new business revenue on a month-to-month basis alongside your company’s close rate.

By using the HubSpot CRM, you can combine the two examples which allow you and your sales team to understand how seasonality affects revenue and the factors which drive that change.

A ‘close won vs. closed lost by amount of time’ report, for example, can explain when your sales team has hit a certain number of deals in their pipeline. If it shows that their conversion rates increase at certain times of the year or vice versa, then you get a better understanding of how you can scale your sales team so you have enough bodies to cope with the number of deals you’re expected to close.

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Sales Rep KPIs

In the HubSpot Sales Dashboard, you can look at the entire performance of your team and check in on how they’re doing. As a sales manager or director, the reports within are great to see the current leaderboards from the date range you select.

This gives you a clear overview of which members of your sales team have done the most, such as who has created the most deals, based on the ranking.

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These sales rep KPI reports can also remind your sales team about what they need to do more of. As you can track it back to activities on HubSpot, you can see which members of your sales team have made the most and least calls, who has been following up, who has and hasn’t connected, which members of the sales team haven’t scheduled any meetings or even sent the least or most number of emails.

If your sales team can see and access these reports, it acts as a reminder that they might need to follow up more or even make more close to help close more leads.

Amount of Closed Leads

Another report you can create in HubSpot and share with your sales team is the number of closed deals. In this report, you can look at data either by each sales rep in detail or as a whole business.

This report makes it much easier for you and your sales team to report upwards to a senior level with how things are going in the sales department without always looking at the finance team for answers.

Instead, you and your sales team can leave a great first impression by going directly into HubSpot and providing a nice looking report which clearly outlines all of the sales metrics they’ll care about.

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You and your sales team can also automatically schedule these reports to go out to senior figures, such as the end of every month, with detailed graphs to show the number of closed leads either by each individual sales rep or the sales team as a whole.

Help Your Sales Team Close More Leads with a Diamond Tier HubSpot Agency

Like anything, the more data and insights in the reports you have for your sales team, the more difficult it can get for you to understand and digest. Although we’ve highlighted some of the essential reports you should create and analyse, it’s obvious that there’s still a massive learning curve to get on board with.

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