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LOVE INBOUND 2019 - Focusing on the Customer With HubSpot’s Robbie McFarlane

No inbound marketing event would be complete without input from HubSpot. That’s why at our first-ever LOVE INBOUND event, we managed to secure three industry leaders, Christian Kinnear, Aidan O’Leary and Robbie McFarlane who flew over from HubSpot’s Dublin headquarters.

In this blog, we’ll touch on what Robbie had to say at LOVE INBOUND.


The Key Takeaways

Robbie - Principal Channel II Consultant at HubSpot - focused on how you can start to look at your business differently with the infamous Flywheel. He provided tips on what you can do at each stage, how to avoid friction while building momentum and also the focus you should put on your customers.

robbie mcfarlane love inbound

The Flywheel. It’s something that has come up time and time again since it was unveiled at INBOUND by HubSpot last year in Boston. The main message behind Robbie’s Flywheel talk was that the funnel is dead and the Flywheel is the future.

Focusing on the Customer

By using HubSpot, you can perfectly keep your customers as the focus, whereas they were an afterthought in the funnel. Use the tools in HubSpot’s Marketing Hub to Attract customers, the Sales Hub features to Engage with them and continue to Delight them with the Service Hub. 

Robbie also provided useful tips on gaining momentum to keep the Flywheel turning and some common friction points.

For example, onboarding, feedback, testimonials and automated services are great momentum boosters. On the other hand, confusing comms, treating customers as a number and handoff points are just some of the aspects that cause friction.

A key takeaway from Robbie’s talk - for both attendees in general as well as all of us at Digital 22 as a company - was his focus on customers. In particular, it was the importance of Net Promoter Score (NPS) and how we’re all able to use feedback to delight our customers.

We took his tips on board as soon as LOVE INBOUND ended. We sent out an NPS and received some amazing feedback, some of which you can see below. 

Informative and a must for next year. Took away multiple things to put in practice for the year.

Just bite the bullet and go along. If you have any interest in inbound marketing, it’s well worth taking the time to attend.

Fantastic, informative and fun event which really inspired us to make positive digital changes to our processes for the future. Highly recommend!

Using the key points from Robbie’s talk, we can now look over the NPS responses which will help to shape our second LOVE INBOUND event to be even more successful than the first. To see and hear for yourself just what Robbie had to say in his brilliant talk, hit play on the video above for plenty of useful insights.

Or if you want to hear from the other speakers that were in attendance, just click on one of their names below.

How Can I Attend the Next LOVE INBOUND Event?

With Robbie’s insight, we have the feedback from attendees that’ll help make LOVE INBOUND 2019 even better than the first. That’s what it’s all about. Making customers happy and offering an event that provides them with a wealth of knowledge.

The current plan is to host LOVE INBOUND on 26th February 2020. We promise we’ll have more industry leaders speaking at the event to provide you with plenty of actionable inbound marketing knowledge.

While we finalise the details, make sure you register your interest and save your seat.