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LOVE INBOUND 2019 - The Age of the Buyer with HubSpot’s Aidan O’Leary

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Our first ever LOVE INBOUND event was a huge success. Not only was it an amazing day for all involved, but the level of knowledge and expertise on display was incredible. We had guest speakers from industry leaders and Digital 22’s own team and we’re certain that nobody in attendance could’ve possibly gone away without bags more knowledge than they started with.

The last talk of the day, but certainly not the least, was from HubSpot’s very own Aidan O’Leary - Head of Channel Sales UKI, HubSpot EMEA

The Key Takeaways

Aidan’s talk wasn’t like anybody else’s in the sense that it was all about the buyer, as opposed to focusing on a product, service or industry segment. He started off by outlining how the landscape of the buyer has changed, which is something businesses need to be aware of when pinpointing and targeting their audiences.

One of the first of the many key takeaways that Aidan honed in on was the shift in power between marketer and buyer. Historically, it was always the marketers who sat in the driving seat. However, now it’s very much the buyer who holds all the decision-making weight when it comes to making a purchase.

Aidan led a test with the audience to set out proving his statement that “the world has changed” was correct. In this simple exercise, he asked the audience if they could recite the person who they came with’s phone number. Nobody in the room could, proving his point that as buyers, we’re now outsourcing our lives to our devices to make them a lot easier on the whole.

So, where does that leave the shift in buying habits?

Voice recognition tools, autosaved fill forms for passwords and smart shopping baskets were all examples that he used to show how reliant we are on devices and their advanced technology for our buying tools.

Although, he did mention how some voice recognition tools could be improved with better accent recognition. Check out the video above to see his full anecdote about his tricky situation trying to order a taxi to the airport that morning for the event.

One other key takeaway from his talk that attendees were really left to think on was that nowadays, there’s more competition out there than ever before. There’s always going to be someone else doing what you do, so how do you shout louder than the competition?

Well, it’s not actually all about what you sell, it’s about how you sell it to your audience. Which fits perfectly into the inbound methodology that we all here at D22 are so passionate about.

To see and hear for yourself just what Aidan had to say in his talk, hit play on the video above for plenty of useful insights.

Or if you want to hear from the other speakers that were in attendance, just click on one of their names below. 

Be a Part of the Next Love INBOUND Event

We haven’t actually announced the next renewal of our successful event, but we can definitely say that it’s in the pipeline. 2019's was so successful and packed full with great talks that it’s beneficial for almost anyone to attend this awesome event.

Whether it’s networking, further knowledge on niche areas of all things marketing or to get your questions answered by industry experts, this really is the event you need to have on your list.

If you want to stay updated with the latest announcements so you don’t miss out, register your interest with the link below and make sure that you don’t miss out on this golden opportunity.