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LOVE INBOUND 2020: Yaniv Siegel - Humanising the sales process using video.

We know that video is making waves in the marketing industry, and more and more businesses are reaping the benefits. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out, captivate prospects and most importantly - convert leads to deals. yaniv from vidyard talk love inbound 2020

More emails won’t work. Consistent phone calls are obsolete. So, are you ready for your closeup? Strategic Partner Manager at Vidyard, Yaniv Siegel, told us a simple way we can get involved with the video hype during his talk at our LOVE INBOUND event this year. He also had some pretty neat yo-yo tricks too. 

Increased response rates, fewer cancellations, improved connected rates and increased sales opportunities. Video isn’t playing around and it’s making a real impact on businesses and the way they communicate with prospects. 

If you’re not quite ready for the limelight, here are some key takeaways to change your mind from his talk:

  • Every day you reach out to new prospects, you’re competing against at least an average of 120 other emails, not to mention voicemails and other priorities. So it’s more important than ever to provide a personalised experience. 
  • Vidyard helped HubSpot improve its connect rate and create four times more sales opportunities with video.
  • A staggering 82% of internet traffic will come from video by 2022.
  • When creating a video remember to smile, keep it short, tailor it to your audience and don’t forget to be yourself. 
  • A video can work for every industry and you’ve probably spent more time thinking about it than it would for you to just film it. So go on and film one!

You don’t need fancy equipment to get started either as your best tool is in your back pocket. There’s even a simple Vidyard Chrome extension you can download too. Did we mention its free? 

After watching Yaniv’s talk, I understand if you just wanted to go away and start implementing video into your strategy (or practising his yo-yo tricks). But, why not listen to what our other fantastic speakers have to say first?

Transform your Business with Video

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