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INBOUND INFLUENCERS with Michael Litt: How to be confident on camera

2020 forced a lot of companies to work from home. Not being in an office setting has made things quite challenging, especially when you want to meet as a team, talk to clients or even to reach out to prospects. So it's no real surprise why the use of video has skyrocketed this year.


Whether you went all-in on Zoom and splashed the cash on pro licenses, took advantage of Slack and Google's video conferencing features or installed the Vidyard extension, it's not always easy stepping in front of the camera.

So, who better to speak to about being confident in front of the camera than Co-Founder and CEO of Vidyard, Michael Litt? 

Being confident in front of the camera

Joining us all the way from Canada, Michael joins Mark to talk all things video.

Once you hit the play button above and admire Michael's office/garage with all the toys in the back and his hairless dog, Peppy, he'll run through the history of Vidyard and how it came to be a video platform powerhouse used by many businesses today - including us.

Michael had plenty of great advice on something a lot of people are uncomfortable with: filming videos.

He admits it can be intimidating, especially when you're trying to communicate emotionally and passionately into a little back circle on your laptop or a camera. However, the only way to get better at something and to become more comfortable with it is to continue doing it.

Superbowl syndrome

The thing to remember is any video is better than no video. However, the more real a video is, the better it performs. One of the reasons why people are hesitant to hit that record button or aren't confident is because of something he calls Superbowl syndrome.

Non-American football fans tend to tune into the annual Superbowl event for one of two reasons. 

  1. They want to give it a chance and want to try and get into the sport
  2. They want to check out the half-time show which includes adverts and performances

These adverts aren't like normal adverts. They're high-quality, big budget adverts with major companies pumping money into them, knowing millions would be watching.

This is the expectation a lot of users have - they have those high expectations and believe every video needs to be perfect. Think about what the video needs to get across vs what your capabilities are. That's what's stopping a lot of people and making them nervous.

Instead, manage these expectations and get better in front of the camera by regularly filming videos.

What else?

Michael and Mark also touch on some of the new technologies Vidyard is looking to explore. One is a live functionality, allowing you to speak 1-1 with customers and the second is the use of AR, where Vidyard will track your eyes and position them on the camera - rather than your notes.

And that's just a top-level, quick overview. If you want to check out their 35 minute-ish chat in full, check it out at the top of the page or wherever you get your podcasts from (and subscribe while you're there too!). 

And the learning doesn't stop there...

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