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Enterprise Growth Suite - INBOUND 18 Product Launches

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INBOUND 2018 is officially in the books and, as expected, HubSpot has launched a plethora of brand-new products - as well as enhancing some exciting features - for everyone to get excited about. As there are so many products being launched, we’ll be breaking them down into four different sections to make sure you get enough information out of all them - starting with HubSpot’s newest tier, the Enterprise Growth Suite.

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This blog is part of a series of blog posts which explores all of the different product launches announced by HubSpot at INBOUND. The blog below looks at all of the features included in the Enterprise Growth Suite that have been announced. For stuff on the Marketing Hub Enterprise announcement, head here.

What is the Enterprise Growth Suite?

HubSpot’s newest tier gives advanced marketing teams greater control, greater flexibility and deeper integrations with all of its latest features - all without making life complicated for you or your team.

The Enterprise Growth Suite features a new line-up of Enterprise tools that gives you sophisticated versions of Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub and the top-rated CRM. You can splash the cash and buy each one individually, or save a bit of money and buy them together in a single package.

How Much Does it Cost?

Lucky for you, HubSpot is currently offering a 25% discount off the combined cost of all three Enterprise products and contacts with the prices set to increase on November 1, 2018.

  • Marketing Hub Enterprise: $2,400 + contacts
  • Sales Enterprise: $1,200 + 10 users, $120 per additional user
  • Service Hub Enterprise: $1,200 for up to 10 users, $120 per additional user
  • HubSpot CRM - free and included

Obviously, as your company grows, you need more tools to manage, more people to coordinate and there’s less room for error. So, you’re going to need the tools that can help put processes in place more efficiently. Let’s take a look at the features included in the Enterprise tier that gives you everything you need to make HubSpot your system of record.


What is it? - Teams is a brand-new feature that allows you to organise the groups in your HubSpot account on multiple levels based on the team they’re in, region, business unit, product line or pretty much any other dimension available.

How does it help? - You can use Teams to control access to tools, limit visibility in your database, easily segment or roll-up custom reports. You’re also able to use Teams to tag CRM and content assets.

So, the things you need to stay separate will stay separate, as you’re able to grant access to specific content to certain teams with relevant access. This makes any multi-business or geographic work you do a whole lot easier, despite the challenges that are created when your company is scaling.

Single Sign-On

What is it? -  Single Sign-On is another brand new feature that HubSpot has launched, albeit at the beta stage right now. This allows you to enhance the security of your HubSpot account and gain even more control over your team’s access by configuring a custom authentication provider. It also allows customers to log into HubSpot with their Single Sign-On credentials from services such as Azure Active Directory, OneLogin and Okta, for example.

How does it help? - This is a great feature for those companies that manage a big group of people, as you wouldn’t want your users’ passwords out of sync. Managing access to the large volume of tools your business uses every day can be a huge task to undertake, especially if you’re a larger business.

With Single Sign-On, you’re able to give your team one set of credentials they can use to sign-in each time.

Custom Events

What is it? - HubSpot has rebuilt the analytics pipeline so that you can define customer analytics events to track specific actions on websites or mobile apps. You can then use those events to build funnels and segment contacts through engagement or activities. The Custom Events tool is now available in the HubSpot Enterprise portals for all of the hubs.

How does it help? - The Custom Events feature allows you to track specific user actions on your websites. This can include the total page views and clicks as well as other activities to see how users are interacting with your website.

Workflow Extensions + Webhooks

What is it? - The Workflow Extensions and Webhooks feature is now only going to be available in the Enterprise tier. Here, you’re able to use workflows to trigger actions and pass data to other tools that are being used.

How does it help? - With this feature, users can even use workflows to trigger actions and pass data to custom applications through Webhooks. Along with this, you’re also able to use Webhooks in workflows to pass information from HubSpot to another web application to trigger something to happen in an entirely different tool.

Custom Bots

What is it? - This is a new feature in Bots where you’re able to create bots in inline code in languages you’re most comfortable with. The addition of Webhooks and the ability to deploy code inline allows companies to integrate bots with external systems, or even APIs to extend functionality along with services that aren’t natively supported.

How does it help? - You’re able to deploy useful bots that can assist with simple requests, such as surfacing relevant help documentation, sending inquiries to the right member of the team, booking appointments and so on. With the custom code, you can create a bot that can handle pretty much any type of query - even if it’s just to tap your internal systems to check the order status of a shipment.

Calculated and Roll-Up Properties

What is it? - This new feature in the Marketing Sales and Service Enterprise tier lets you build custom equations using your data in HubSpot and do roll-ups from one record to an associated record with the operators.

How does it help? - We’re now able to create fields in HubSpot that perform useful calculations and roll-up date from other fields, such as sales commissions and splits. This gives businesses more flexibility and provides you with numbers that are unique to you and your customers.

Additional Reports and Dashboard

What is it? - Another significant feature that HubSpot has released following INBOUND is the Additional Reports and Dashboard tool. It’s been created with the aim of helping businesses set their teams up for success with custom reporting and dashboard by managing the reports across HubSpot in one centralised piece.

How does it help? -  Now, businesses don’t need to buy the reporting add-on if they need more than what the tier provides. For example, in the pro tier, companies get one dashboard and 10 customer reports. At the Enterprise level, you’d get 25 dashboard and 500 customer reports.

Although, the beauty of this is that you’re still able to buy the reporting add-on if you need more than what your current tier provides to increase your capacity of dashboard or reports.

What Else Has Been Launched?

    • Custom Slack Notifications: HubSpot is finally allowing businesses to connect with customers everywhere they go with their native Slack integration. It can also prompt notifications in Slack, based on conditions and triggers using workflows.
  • Recurring Revenue Tracking: Another new feature in HubSpot Sales Enterprise. Businesses can now manage recurring revenue and renewals right inside of HubSpot with improvements to revenue tracking and reporting. This feature also allows you to report on recurring revenue distribution over time.
  • Custom Property Search: Another new HubSpot feature allows businesses to unlock data stored in custom properties across your database, meaning they’re going to be searchable via HubSpot’s Global Search Bar. So, when you’re creating a new property in the HubSpot CRM, you will have the choice to make it searchable in the Global Search Bar.

Note: All of the features highlighted above are available to you if you purchase the Enterprise Growth Suite. If you purchase the Enterprise products separately (Marketing Hub Enterprise, Sales Enterprise, Service Hub Enterprise and the Standalone CMS), the features available will depend on the product purchased. Investing in the Enterprise Growth Suite as a whole gives you access to every feature mentioned.

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