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Prospecting and selling in a post-COVID world with Keith Grehan

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If you’ve ever wondered how HubSpot sells, prospects and what tips you can take from them, this is your chance to find out.

At the December Manchester HUG, we were joined by Keith Grehan, Channel Account Manager at HubSpot, who shared all of HubSpot's tips and tricks that you can take and implement in your business.

What’s included in the session? 

  • A live session in the HubSpot CRM
  • A walkthrough of HubSpot’s sales process
  • A look at sales automation and how to use the tools
  • How to use video and personalisation within the sales process

So, if you’re keen to start prospecting more effectively, make sure you watch the full talk here.

If you’re interested in some of the highlights from Keith’s presentation, make sure you keep reading. 

Selling in a post-COVID world 

We’ve been riding the waves of COVID-19 for almost two years now. With that, we’ve all had to adapt and change in some way, shape or form to keep business ticking away. One of the biggest changes was the workplace and human interaction. 

A significant casualty from the pandemic has been face-to-face meetings, which means salespeople have had to go from meeting prospects in person to reverting to email and Zoom. 

It’s been a tricky time for salespeople to get their feet under the table with prospects because that human connection isn’t quite the same at the moment. So on the back of that, Keith’s first top tip was to try and get the prospect on a Zoom call, as it’s the closest you’ll get to that personal face-to-face interaction. 

So, pick up the phone, qualify them in HubSpot, try and get on Zoom and record the session. This will help you sell yourself better and give you a recorded reference of what was said in the call. 

Do your inbound sales certification

Keith’s next top tip was to do the four-hour Inbound Sales Certification through the HubSpot Acadamy. This brief course will give you an excellent grounding to help you reach the right prospects as well as walk you through the sales process. 

It’s a great resource to help you identify the ‘who and why’ of prospecting, when to connect with them and the best time to approach potential customers. It’ll also take you through the CRM, Sales Hub and all the other functionality you can play with. 

Video prospect 

Marketing emails, phone calls, LinkedIn ads, LinkedIn messages — Keith and his team tried them all and they weren’t having the desired effect when it came to prospecting. 

The HubSpot team needed to try something a little different to help them stand out and one day, they were approached by Vidyard and it all changed. 

Why Vidyard? It’s an effective and personable tool. You can record your screen and camera simultaneously to record quick, captivating content that’s far more personalised than a cold email. There’s even a free version.

Keith even gave us a nice rundown of formatting your video in the presentation. The best part? You get access to a bunch of analytics so you can see if your video has been watched, clicked, viewed and for how long. That means you can constantly adapt and improve your approach. 

If you want to learn a bit more about the benefits of Vidyard, make sure you read this blog. 

So, the key to prospecting according to Keith? Automation, personalisation and cadence. Think about how YOU would like to be prospected and follow that system. Simple! Make sure you watch the full presentation here to start prospecting more successfully today. 

What is the Manchester HUG?

HUG stands for HubSpot User Group and is a recurring event hosted by Digital 22 throughout the year to help like-minded people share their skills and tactics to improve their inbound marketing efforts. 

It’s an excellent opportunity for marketers to grow, learn and enjoy. Together. We’re big on this.

At the Manchester HUG, you’ll discover what does and doesn’t work for other companies, as well as have the opportunity to ask experts questions. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn and grow with like-minded individuals.