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Should I Use HubSpot? - 6 Reasons Your Company Doesn't Need It

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Even after you've filtered through hours of different opinions and reviews about all of the different inbound marketing software your company can implement, it can be difficult to choose which of the many platforms can be the best solution for your company. HubSpot is a popular tool that is often the go-to answer for marketers but not everyone is sold right away. You're probably asking, "Should I use HubSpot?" so here are six reasons why your company doesn't need this platform.


Although HubSpot has some excellent tools that many companies love, it's not going to be for everyone. If you have all of these in place, then you won't need to use HubSpot and experience its features.

1. Your Sales and Marketing Teams are Perfectly Aligned

2. You Can Demonstrate Marketing ROI Easily

3. You Know How Effective All of Your Marketing Channels Are

4. The Senior Management Team Have Quick and Easy Access to Marketing Data

5. You Love Creating Spreadsheets to Track Results

6. You Don't Want to Understand the Customer Journey

Your Sales and Marketing Teams are Perfectly Aligned

To put it simply, if you don't want your sales and marketing team to get along then you won't need HubSpot. Or, if you feel that they are already working seamlessly side-by-side and don't feel the need to implement any new tools which could damage the processes you already have in place, then you won't need to use HubSpot to experience the many features that can help both sales and marketing teams.

When you consider that both teams are working towards the same goals anyway,  HubSpot's CRM tool gives sales teams access to the same firepower that marketers have been using for years. This means that they're both not using completely different tools as the sales and marketing platforms share the same DNA - making both teams perfectly aligned.

With this, there can be a greater focus for both teams on generating the right type of leads, increasing revenue and successfully converting leads into customers with only one stack of tools. However, if you do prefer trying to organise your team and processes around scattered tools, then you won't need HubSpot.

You Can Demonstrate Marketing ROI Easily

If you can somehow already demonstrate marketing ROI easily, then HubSpot is a platform you won't need. However, to truly measure the ROI of your marketing activity, you need a platform which allows you to capture the required data but also help demonstrate the conversion activity at every stage of your sales funnel.

Again, if you or your company have methods in place to do that and are in a position where you can confidently demonstrate the ROI of your marketing activity, then HubSpot's all-in-one solution won't be for you as you won't need it to monitor ROI.

HubSpot's marketing automation platform is the all-in-one solution for reporting needs. The powerful analytics system can analyse and monitor traffic to websites along with customised attribution reports. These reports allow you to understand the journey your prospects take from beginning to end.

In the Reports Dashboard, you're able to see the overall performance statistics such as visits, contacts and customers, allowing you to monitor your campaigns and how every aspect of your marketing is performing.

hubspot reports dashboardThe HubSpot Reports Dashboard

Through this, you're able to create accurate reports which clearly demonstrate marketing ROI and the efficiency of your marketing.

You Know How Effective All of Your Marketing Channels Are - 24/7

Keeping up to date with every single marketing channel can be a tough task - especially when you consider just how many channels your agency might have. It's important to remain on top of them at all times.

However, if you somehow use a strategy which allows you to track the effectiveness of all of your marketing channels, or you don't mind not knowing how each channel in your entire funnel is performing, then you won't be needing HubSpot.

With HubSpot's Analytics Tools, however, you can track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts with actionable analytics - 24/7. This tool makes it so simple to calculate the ROI of everything that's done in your marketing universe and every channel with your prospects is boiled down to the most important metrics. From a tweet to a form submission.

These include the number and quality of leads and the customers it actually drives, and it all happens automatically. As you can imagine, this makes it less of a hassle and saves plenty of time.

The Senior Management Team Have Quick and Easy Access to Marketing Data

If you're working with a lot of customers, then the likelihood is that you're going to have lots of reports to find, create and analyse. Some marketers and senior management members are perfectly fine with having all of these reports scattered and creating new ones each time. So, if you fall into that category and find that this time-consuming task works for you, then HubSpot isn't a platform you need.

HubSpot allows for quick and easy access for senior management teams - and pretty much anyone else - to access all marketing data. This is especially helpful if senior management aren't seeing these reports as regularly, but find that it's important that they need to access them.

HubSpot's Reports Dashboard is a collection of every report from your sales funnel and is organised in a dashboard format. It's where you go to monitor your company's progress, making it quick and easy for senior management to access. 

It's a dashboard where you can build reports from scratch or even use a handful of default reports that have been created beforehand. It allows for customisation and a deeper dive into marketing and sales metrics, making it easy for everyone to track and monitor all of your important metrics.

Plus, you don't need to create the same report each week with HubSpot, unless you prefer to do that by hand.

You Love Creating Spreadsheets to Track Results

To some, creating spreadsheet after spreadsheet can be a tedious and time-consuming task but others might love staring at cells all day, every day. If you're someone who prefers to keep creating spreadsheets regularly to track results, or that's what your company prefers, then using what HubSpot has to offer won't benefit you.

With HubSpot, you don't need to waste time on creating spreadsheet after spreadsheet for all of the results you're trying to track. Instead, you're getting up-to-date metrics on your dashboard which displays the overall health of your marketing efforts. The results include things like landing pages, blog posts and emails.

By having this readily available, it allows marketers to save valuable time by not creating spreadsheets and overseeing the effectiveness of campaigns at a quick glance.

You Don't Want to Understand the Customer Journey

If you don't want to understand the journey your customers go through, then that's fair enough. As inbound marketing relies heavily on the inbound methodology, then this is the clearest of signs that HubSpot isn't for you and that you aren't targeting content at a specific audience.

inbound marketing methodology

Inbound Methodology

As HubSpot relies on the inbound methodology and the buyer's journey, you're able to see exactly which stage of the buyer's journey your contacts are in. By utilising HubSpot, you're not going in blind as you're able to see when people first became leads, the pages they've looked at, when they became a customer and when a person has become a Marketing Qualified Lead.

It's also beneficial because you know exactly what type of content to create for them at each stage of the buyer's journey and when you have an understanding of this journey, you know when it's the perfect time for them to be approached by someone in your sales team.

How To Get More From Your Marketing Efforts

If you're slightly won over on what HubSpot has to offer and the number of problems it can eliminate, you can begin to improve your company's inbound marketing efforts and boost your sales and interactions by making sure you're using the best marketing automation software. Download a FREE copy of our Marketing Automation Comparison Guide which contains everything you need to decide which platform is best for you and your needs.