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6 statistics about blogging you should know

You already know that you should be blogging, but what effect does it really have? Those of you working for a B2B company especially should stop to ask themselves this question. Well, it’s time to stop wondering and look at the numbers for some answers

1. 43% admit to skimming blog posts

This is the most important reason to format your blog posts with clear subheadings, bullet point lists and CTAs (call-to-actions). This ensures that you encourage even those skimming to take action based on the content.


Download for free: Checklist for the company blog

2. 47% of those making a purchase have seen 3-5 pieces of content before talking to a sales person

If you don’t have content that answers people’s questions throughout their buyer’s journey, you risk losing them before them before they even talk to a sales rep.

Make sure that you have content that is a bit more general about the industry. This attracts new visitors. Look over your content and make sure you have something that presents different solutions to the reader.

Through these pieces of content you will guide the lead towards a purchase, without nagging or being too pushy.

Read more about adapting content to the sales funnel here.

3. 94% of people who have shared blog posts did so because they thought it would be useful to others

That you share your blog posts is one thing, but that other share it is golden. When someone else recommends your content it builds trust and increases its value.

If you want others to share your content, always make sure it is useful, as well as making it easy to share the link. Place social sharing icons readily available on your blog to make it easier.

4. B2B companies that blog gets 67 % more leads than those who don’t

Research shows that traditional methods to generate leads are not as cost effective as blogging for B2B companies. And let’s not beat around the bush, a potential 67 % more leads is huge.

5. The average word count for content that is ranked highly in Google is between 1,140-1,285

Blogging is one of Google’s favourites sources of content because it tends to answer questions and provides useful information that people are looking for.

You might be used to writing blog posts ranging from 400-500 words, but try to make some of your pieces of content that are a little longer. 

Read some of our tips for extending your content here.

6. Companies that blog get 97% more links to their website

You already know that links are good for your company’s visibility in the search results, but how are you going to make it happen?

Blogging is the answer. Do you have content that defines words and phrases that are often used in the industry, or reports that discuss important questions? This is content that others might find useful for their customers and readers. This will lead to them linking to your website, building the authority of the page.


Download for free: Checklist for the company blog