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TomorroWave – manage marketing and sales based on CX to create growth

Due to rapid digitalisation, customer experience is more shattered than ever before and thus extremely challenging to control. In order to offer a frictionless customer experience in the digital era, companies are required to remove the outdated silos and put customers truly in the centre.

The TomorroWave was born from this need; to manage marketing and sales from the customer’s perspective, while maintaining a holistic approach on customer’s journey - all the way from building brand awareness to closing leads and delighting customers. 

The TomorroWave is a tool you can use to analyse, develop and manage marketing and sales. It is based on analysing current customer experience and finding the key areas of development. Due to its scalability, it can be used when creating marketing strategies, campaigns or content. It also provides a framework for their measurement and data-oriented development. 

Ready to catch the Wave with our strategists Ismo Nikkola and Reetta Kataja?

With these videos, you will get an introduction to the TomorroWave, learn how it can be used for different purposes and how you can use it as a basis for a customer centric marketing strategy. 

A 3-minute walk-through of the TomorroWave

2. Story of the TomorroWave: Why, how and when to use it?


3. Creating a holistic customer experience with TomorroWave: Marketing and sales together


4. Building your marketing strategy using the TomorroWave: A step by step guidance

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