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We form North Europe's largest inbound agency

10 months after starting Avidly Norway, a lot has happened. Not only have we become HubSpot Platinum Partner after only 7 months, we have also grown from 2 to 13 people – and now we'll grow even more. Together with Swedish DoIdea and Danish Katalysator, we now form Avidly, the Nordics' largest inbound agency.

Inbound Norway is now merging with Doidea and Katalysator under the joint name Avidly. In the new company, we will be over 50 specialists in inbound marketing and sales divided into four Scandinavian offices: Oslo, Aalborg, Aarhus and Stockholm. 



"The merger makes us the Nordic' strongest HubSpot partners. We are three agencies with the same vision: being ambitious, not just in terms of growth, but in terms of expertise. Working together we have already seen the benefits of sharing knowledge and skills," says Ingunn Bjøru, former CEO of Inbound Norway, and now Head of Operations for Avidly and Country Manager in Norway.

But what does this merger mean for our existing and potential customers?


Same focus – greater competence

The new company, Avidly, will have the same focus on inbound marketing and sales, and over 60 years of combined experience with the methodology.

The work will continue to involve strategy and content, as well as the systems required to succeed in the methodology.

This means access to an even greater competence base for existing and potential customers:

"We already have some of the top experts at inbound and HubSpot on the team, but we will also have experts in video and integrations.

We will have the benefit of drawing from experience made in all three markets, enabling us to deliver even better inbound marketing to our clients. Several companies we are talking to are looking to expand into the other Scandinavian countries, and our Sweden and Denmark office will be ready with their in-depth knowledge of the local markets."

– Ingunn Bjøru.

All three agencies have previously been Platinum and Diamond partners in HubSpot (the highest level in HubSpot Partner Program), and today we actively operate around 100 HubSpot licenses. Together, we have access to a solid customer base – and great potential for future development.

After the merger, we will be one of HubSpot's largest partners worldwide. This means that we will gain even better insights into how we can help our colleagues and customers continuously grow with the inbound methodology.

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What will happen now?

The merger has already come into force, but until a common website has been established and the shared identity has gotten a home, we will continue with each of our current names. We will also continue to work locally, but will increasingly coordinate activities across the different countries.

Formally, a holding company, based in Stockholm, is established, which owns each respective agency. For customers and potential customers, the biggest difference will be an increase in availability of resources – both in terms of expertise within the HubSpot platform, the inbound methodology, integration and website development.

In other words, it will be an exciting adventure, which we hope you want to take part in.


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