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We’re growing! Meet the ten new faces of Digital 22

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Here at Digital 22, we’re all about helping our clients grow but also about growing ourselves. That’s why we’ve had ten new faces join the Digital 22 ranks, which means nine new experts that support our clients in all their inbound needs.

It also means ten new people that’ll learn of our love for cake, socialising and celebrations. So say hello to these nine cheery faces below!

Elle - Web Strategist

“Cooking up delicious meals, baking brownies, dining out, friends round for barbies... if it involves food I'm in!”

Elle is our new Web Strategist. As you can see from the quote above, she’s a BIG foodie, as well as being a ‘cat and dog mama’.

In her role as Web Strategist, she’s in charge of the ‘what, how and why’ of web projects, ensuring customer experience and satisfaction is at the forefront of every web project we deliver. 

“Joining a new company during a pandemic is a little strange because I miss real human interaction, but D22 made it easy. I've felt challenged, I've felt loved, I've felt accepted as one of the team AND I already feel like I've been able to make my own little impact.”


As you can tell, Elle’s a real positive person and has even led members of the Digital 22 team in weekly yoga sessions for a while now. In her spare time, she’ll cook and explore new places far and wide, going on hikes with her husband and Ralph, her retriever.

Jonathan - Video Specialist

“I have an unhealthy obsession with pulling 4x4s apart, rebuilding them and then taking them off-road and breaking them.”

Jonathan is our noble video specialist. He spends his time managing, producing, filming and editing video projects, both internally and for our clients. That means he can usually be found with a camera in hand, either in the office or on-site with one of our clients.


He’s had a number of years of experience with a variety of video production industries and will be using that experience to elevate our clients’ understanding of the power of video in a digital world. Overall, he’ll be producing exciting and unique video content - the kind you want to watch over and over again. 

When Jonathan doesn’t have a big camera slung over his shoulder, he’s pursuing his ‘unhealthy’ obsession with 4x4s and driving his beast of a car to explore the countryside and try out extreme sports.

Lee - Strategist

“I'm a family man so I enjoy spending time with my two boys, whether it's enjoying the outdoors on camping trips, getting on the bikes or just relaxing at home.”

We’ve got a bunch of fans of the outdoors here at Digital 22 and Lee is the latest addition. Along with Emma, he’s one of our new Strategists, responsible for planning the engaging inbound marketing campaigns and long-term inbound strategies we're known for. 

He works closely with the specialist teams, such as content, social, SEO and PPC to implement new ideas and generate leads for the clients he supports. 

He also can’t wait to fully get back into the office, meeting the rest of the team in full and experiencing the culture we’ve developed here. 

Mark - Strategist

“In my spare time, I love all things fitness - cycling, running, football and snowboarding.”

Mark has taken on a role as one of our Strategists and creates marketing campaigns that align with the overall business goals of the clients he manages. The strategies he creates will work to engage customers through relevant content, email, social, SEO and PPC tactics - and he’s already been killing it.

mark t digital 22

In Mark’s spare time, he’s a big fitness guy, enjoying everything from cycling to running to walking (with his dogs) to snowboarding. He’s also a psychology aficionado, interested in how the mind works (he recommends reading the Chimp Paradox!).

Christian - PPC Specialist

“Love my Mrs, football and loose tea!”

Christian was born in Blackburn, so he’s the level of northern Anthony aspires to. He’s got a lot of marketing know-how under his belt, having gained a Digital Marketing Professional Diploma at the Digital Marketing Institute. Now, he’s our PPC Specialist, creating targeted advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. 

christian ppc job digital 22

It’s Christian’s job to deliver on the client’s contact and click-through rate goals - and he’s been smashing it! (Even with a difficult WiFi connection during work-from-home). 

When he’s not owning the PPC game, he’s watching the beautiful game - good ol’ football. He pairs the footie with a nice cold ale or a good cup of loose leaf tea.

Adrian - SEO Consultant

“It’s a different experience working remotely, but the team is great and we’re all working together to improve our client's performance in the search engines.”

Our SEO team wouldn’t be complete without the knowledge and insights Adrian brings to the table. As our new SEO Consultant, Adrian makes sure all of our clients' websites are visible in search engines and that each one has no technical issues that would stop them from performing well in organic searches. 

When he’s not shredding SEO, he’s shredding the electric guitar, teaching himself how to play, putting all the time we’ve had during lockdown to good use.

He’s also a big fan of gigs and festivals and is hoping to return to them when possible.

Heather - Project Coordinator

“Basically, booking work in and managing schedules.”

Here at Digital 22, we’re pretty busy, which means we need a bunch of organised people to keep us on track. That’s why Heather has joined us as our new Project Coordinator.

Heather digital 22

It's Heather’s job to make sure the work our clients require is assigned to the right specialists, keeping an eye on campaigns, projects and tasks. She’ll keep track of all of us, making sure everything happens on reasonable timescales. Heather is the eyes and ears of project management - an important responsibility here at Digital 22. 

Heather’s done a fantastic job of getting to know all of us and all our separate roles, which over video call hasn’t been the easiest thing to do, but she’s taken it all in her stride.

When she isn't keeping us all on track with our work, she’s flexing her green fingers by working in her allotment, alongside hoping to get back to pub quizzes and travelling when everything’s back to normal. 

Emma - Strategist

“You’ll probably find me at a bottomless brunch with the girls!”

Emma is one of our newest Strategists - one of those hardworking bunch that formulate inbound strategies that help clients achieve their goals, all the while supporting them through the whole process.

The Strategist is the main contact for clients, so they can often be found in meetings or on calls, making sure the right help and advice is being given.

emma digital 22

In her spare time, Emma volunteers with the Scouts, so she can often be found hiking or camping. Potentially the new Bear Grylls of the office? We’ll have to see. 

Curious about working at an inbound marketing agency? Want to check out our vacancies? 

We’re always on the lookout for new talent to join the Digital 22 team - so check out our current vacancies to see if anything piques your interest.

Anthony - Senior SEO Specialist

“I've been up north for three years now (so I’m officially northern).”

Born and bred in Surrey, Anthony is our new Senior SEO Specialist. He’s been flexing his SEO skills in a number of different places, such as Dorset and Berlin, but has been living up north for three years, which has led him to believe he’s now officially northern! Not yet, Anthony. 

Anthony’s role means he uses his SEO expertise to help clients achieve their SEO goals. He’s also the main point of call for web and Growth-Driven Design projects that require SEO capabilities and loves doing the occasional HubSpot certification to improve his inbound knowledge.

anthony digital 22

In his free time, he’s doing that one thing the rest of us hate - exercise. Anthony is a cycling maestro, tackling hills and miles with ease. He cycles for the Green Jersey Cycle Club in Clitheroe, excelling in time trials.

And to reward himself after many miles? A cold pint at the pub with his dog, Berlioz. 

Louise - Business Development Representative

“I’m also very passionate about craft beer, so being situated above a brewery is perfect for me…”

Last but not least, it's Louise. The Business Development Representative - try saying that five times fast - is a role at Digital 22 involving sourcing new leads and bringing new revenue into the business. Now, we’ve got Louise to take on that work for us. 

She helps educate clients on inbound marketing and HubSpot, while reaching out to companies who could use modern marketing techniques to improve their outreach. 

It's been a unique experience joining D22 given the circumstances,” Louise says. “But with all the intro calls and setup we have, it's been really easy to get the help and support I needed as someone both new to the company and new to marketing in general.”

Louise is originally from Leeds and has only recently moved to Lancashire (the best place for craft beer by far). She loves hiking, film and talking about history, philosophy and politics after studying it at university.

So if you have a pub quiz based on Tarantino films or Aristotelian philosophy, Louise is your go-to teammate. 

We get pretty excited when new faces join the team and we try our best to virtually hang out outside of work hours and create a great place to grow, learn and enjoy together. 

If you’re interested in seeing a little bit more on what we get up to in and outside the office, head over to our Digital 22 Life blog, where you’ll see everything from our vlogs to our thoughts on culture, our social events and even career tips. 

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