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We’re not Onboarding any New Clients. Sorry, We’re Full!

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We’ve had a fantastic period of growth here at Digital 22, whichever way you look at it. We’ve gone from a team of roughly ten, this time last year, to our 30th team member joining us in a couple of weeks. The reason we’ve hired so many staff is to help service a growing number of HubSpot clients, keep everything in-house and have a market leading standard of work…

Digital 22 pausing onboarding clients for a while

We want to make sure that we provide the best possible service to our existing customers and, having had a decent number join us in the past quarter, we are closing the doors (temporarily).

We already have a standard lead-in time and qualification process which means we don’t onboard clients unless we are genuinely a good fit for each other. However, we’re going one step further and fully closing our doors until 1st October.

To be clear:

We are more than happy to speak with people looking for help but if you sign on or before the 15th September, we cannot start working on your retainer until 1st October.

If you sign between 16th September and 15th October, we won't start working on your retainer until 1st November. This is our standard lead-in period.

Why We Need a Lead-In Period When Onboarding a Client

A whole lot of work goes into onboarding a new client. During our Strategy Phase - what we call “Blueprint and Build the Engine” - we need to learn about your business, get to know you and your niche.

We also need to make sure things are squared away with other work so that we can take a few people out of the business for a few days to come and meet you, conduct your kick-off meeting and start laying the foundations for a successful partnership.

Typically, 20 people need to learn about your business once we start working together, so there are lots of diaries to juggle, workloads to manage and things to put in place.

Why We Need to Extend the Lead-In Period for a While

We have temporarily extended this lead-in period so that all of our new team members can get fully up to speed with how we work and, just as importantly, so that we can properly service all of our existing customers.

If you did choose to work with Digital 22, we think you should be given this kind of respect.

This Isn’t Just a Sales Tactic

I know what I’d be thinking in your position, “This sounds a lot like a sales tactic, to me, ‘Oh, we’re too busy, that’s how good we are!’”

That’s not what this is.

If you want to call our bluff, feel free to get in touch. Honestly, if you do decide to work with us - please do, but be prepared for us to start on 1st October.

We’re still selling, but not “doing” until 1st October.

In that time, we are training up a team of new staff, finishing a couple of big projects, and realigning our packages and product offering.


After 1st October, We Will Only Be Taking on Three New Clients a Month

After this briefly extended lead-in period, we will be limiting the number of new clients we onboard a month to just three.

We will also be revaluing our retainers and adding to our product offering.

So, if you are thinking about working with us and want us to start before November, it might be wise to reserve one of those places in October.

Want to learn more about our services in the meantime? You can download our service offerings and pricing document and see our About Us video here...