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There are lots of ideas and information out there about digital marketing and the best way to grow your business in the digital age of e-commerce, social media, SEO, paid search and many other strategies. So why should you choose inbound marketing?

Quite simply, because inbound works. We have seen it with many different types of companies, and in a whole range of industries.

But don’t just take our word for it. A huge number of businesses and organizations around the world have embraced Inbound marketing over the last ten years because they recognise it is a proven, long-term strategy for generating new leads and revenue for your business.

72% of marketers say relevant content creation was the most effective SEO tactic. (Ascend2, 2015)

Marketers using automation software generate 2X the number of leads than those using blast email software and are perceived by their peers to be 2X as effective at communicating. (Autopilot, 2015) 

67% of B2B marketers say they see at least a 10% increase in sales opportunities through lead nurturing, with 15% seeing opportunities increase by 30% or more. (Demand Gen Report, 2014) 

Why is it so effective?

Well, inbound is not just a single strategy focused on individual elements of digital marketing with guarantees of what will work. Instead, it can be seen as holistic methodology that combines all the various elements of digital marketing into one continuous process.

By combining marketing automation (software) with data (measurement and analysis) and creativity (content marketing) inbound marketing helps you go beyond guessing and discover what actually works for your customers.

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