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Why it's important to keep your marketing knowledge and skills up to date

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The marketing landscape is dynamic and always changing - trends, technology and tactics are never stagnant. Something as simple as learning has become an essential marketing skill.

motivation to develop marketing knowledge and skills

As Benjamin Franklin said: “an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” So basically, to succeed in the fast-paced marketing industry, you have to stay ahead of the game. Here are some other reasons why...

  • Your skills and knowledge have a sell-by date
  • You’ll achieve a more ambitious outlook 
  • Add value to your service offering for clients
  • Change is guaranteed 
  • Important for business and staff development 

Your skills and knowledge have a sell-by date

You could be an expert in content marketing, but flash forward a couple of years and blog writing has changed. There’s a better way to captivate audiences and you don’t know how to do it. It could mean you’re writing listicles every day but long-form content is king or storytelling is the way to go.

Subsequently, you’re ill-equipped against competitors with your content that is sooo last year.

However, to make sure your skills don’t expire, there’s a wealth of information available online for all types of marketers. From blogs by experts to LinkedIn serial sharers, you’re bound to find something of value.

You’ll achieve a more ambitious outlook 

ambitious to go and learn marketing skills

Learning can help with achieving and creating new goals. Knowledge breeds an excitement for more knowledge and this can lead to a more ambitious outlook. This can help motivate an individual to seek greater challenges.

It doesn’t have to be reading blogs for an hour or so. Marketing events and webinars are also great ways to learn too. 

Information you gather from industry leaders at conferences can easily set you above your competition. Speakers have fresh and innovative ideas that can revolutionise your existing marketing strategy and even if it doesn’t apply to you, their enthusiasm is enough to inspire anybody.

Change is guaranteed

change in marketing industry

You know the nature of the marketing industry, it’s changing constantly. As a marketer, you should know that things will never stay stagnant, especially these: 

  1. Technology will continue to evolve
  2. Google’s algorithm changes with the wind
  3. Meeting client needs is paramount to success

This is why marketing professionals must be curious creatures. Ongoing training and upskilling of the workforce can encourage creativity and new ideas are formed as a direct result of training and development.

Add value to your service offering for clients

No matter what industry you’re in, continually learning new skills and knowledge can improve performance and profitability. Which, would you believe it, are the key things businesses are looking to achieve. 

We even have our ethos, “hungry to learn”, that reinforces that. As an inbound marketing agency, we’re pretty good at staying on top of the latest tips and trends, from content, Growth-Driven Design and SEO to tools and updates. That way, we know we’re always offering our clients the crème de la crème.  

Important for business and staff development 

team working together learning new skills

Employees who receive necessary training perform usually better in their job. It helps build their confidence which enhances their overall performance. 

When they feel appreciated and challenged through training opportunities, they may feel more satisfaction toward their jobs. This can only benefit the company.

Relying on web resources can be useful, but nothing quite compares to the value of attending an event. And, not only are they a fun way to learn, but they also allow you to connect with industry leaders and network.

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