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7 reasons your boss would actually love the HubSpot CMS.

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HubSpot’s Content Management System (CMS) Hub isn’t your average CMS. It’s the next generation of website platforms and ideal for companies looking to merge their website and marketing efforts into one singular, adaptive tool.

why your boss will love the hubspot cms hub

The CMS Hub provides advanced tools to create your website, blog, landing pages, emails and more - all under one roof. You may already love the CMS Hub but does your boss? Here are seven reasons your boss will love the HubSpot CMS Hub.

  1. Everything’s in one place.
  2. Create tailored SMART content.
  3. Custom templates are easy to build.
  4. HubSpot’s CMS Hub is a completely responsive website designer.
  5. It’s faster than WordPress and completely secure.
  6. The all-in-one platform includes SEO.
  7. The CMS Hub includes helpful analytics tools.

1. Everything's in one place.

Usually, you would have to go from platform to platform to manage your social media, analytics, email, website design, blog posting and more. This can be very time-consuming and, to be honest, a real pain. All those separate tabs and different log-in details!

Luckily, our prayers have been answered. The HubSpot CMS Hub is a platform where everything is in one easy-to-manage control panel. This allows you to access everything you need within a few clicks, from your design aspects to emails and even social.

Control Panel Within HubSpot

Not only does it help to have everything in one place, but you also benefit from the ease of reporting this entails. As it’s a closed-loop system, it acts as its own analytics tool. This will help improve any marketing efforts as you can see how well a blog, email or landing page is performing, carry out A/B tests and receive clear feedback all in one place.

Can HubSpot CMS get any better? Yes. Yes, it can.

2. Create tailored smart content.

HubSpot’s CMS Hub helps you to deliver SMART content. This is content intelligently personalised to your customers’ needs.

Smart content allows you to deliver blogs, website pages and emails specifically tailored to where a prospect is within the buyer's journey. You can target people visiting your website for the first time or a repeat customer who’s back for more. This stops you putting CTAs in front of a user for an eBook they've already downloaded.

This is all well and good but how does SMART content actually help?

HubSpot’s CMS Hub lets you learn more about your visitors to further develop your personas and then adapt your content specifically to these people. Creating content your visitors will be interested in will gain more leads, which may turn into customers. We all know how everyone loves gaining new customers.

3. Custom templates are easy to build.

If you aren’t from a design background, you may not know what custom templates are and how much they benefit your design team. HubSpot’s CMS Hub allows its users to create a website with a custom template builder.

This tool gives users the freedom to manipulate the template’s structure, design and layout however they choose. For designers, this is a dream come true as it gives them the freedom to do as they please.

Below is an example of a template for a landing page. With the template builder, drag and drop functions are included, giving the designer complete freedom to customise the layout of the page, whilst the style manager allows you to change the font, colour and style without having to touch the CSS.

Template Builder in HubSpot

For any designers experienced in coding, the CMS Hub allows you to tweak templates as and when you like. On top of that, the CMS Hub gives marketers more control over a website.

A drag-and-drop feature.

Marketers will spend a lot of time managing content creation rather than creating it. Back and forth from developer to content creation, with the needs of customers and managers/directors always being thrown into the mix.

Through the addition of a drag-and-drop editing experience, you can easily create pages, making the content creation experience faster and more flexible.

Multiple themes.

Without themes, all that's left to create web pages is coding. This can be a complex and time-consuming thing to learn.

Themes put marketers in control. They can be leveraged as a strong starting point for page design and allow for wide-scale changes to online content - without the need for a developer. Plus, you won’t have to learn CSS. 

4. HubSpot’s CMS Hub is a completely responsive website designer.

I know the subheading doesn’t give much away but, honestly, this reason outlines why the HubSpot CMS is the perfect place for designers. In today’s world, everyone's accessing websites through a range of mobiles, tablets and laptops. Therefore, it’s crucial your website will respond and adapt to different-sized screens.

This is where HubSpot’s CMS scores another win - it’s completely responsive.

Instead of manually having to use code to enable the site to be responsive on all devices, HubSpot automatically does this for you. This means even if you have very little knowledge on CSS and HTML, you can create a website that comes in a mobile version.

5. It’s faster than WordPress and completely secure.

Not only is the HubSpot CMS ranked better in speed compared to Wordpress for both build and load time, but there are also many more benefits to the speed of the CMS Hub.

In this day and age, people don’t have time to hang around and wait for a site to load. In most cases, if it doesn’t load within the first 10 seconds (even that’s too long), people won’t be interested and head somewhere else to find the answer they're looking for. For example, studies show that even a 100-millisecond delay in load time can cause conversions to drop by 7%.

Not only is it fast but it’s also secure. A traditional CMS only allows you to build sites. Anything to do with security will be an extra you’ll have to pay for. Plugins are difficult to sift through to find the best one for security and can be hard to keep track of. 

Speed and security are obviously two of the most important things for businesses. HubSpot's CMS Hub provides all the tools to keep track of safety and security. Combine this with a speedy site and you’ve got a winning recipe for something site visitors will enjoy and keep coming back to.

Another benefit of a swift site is more views. Google includes website speed in their search algorithm and faster page speeds will improve your SEO efforts.

On the note of SEO efforts, this takes us to our next reason.

6. The all-in-one platform includes SEO

SEO is vital to ensuring your page is optimised and ranking. However,  SEO efforts are usually done through a lot of other tools which can be hard to keep on top of. Plus, it prolongs the time it takes to work on SEO.

HubSpot’s CMS Hub gives its users an all-in-one platform to work with. It scans your content and provides SEO recommendations alongside the content tools, allowing them to quickly utilise high-ranking keywords. This helps you quickly identify changes you can use to improve your site.

Analytics Tool On HubSpot Home Screen Showing Tabs To Go To Competitors and KeywordsIt’s not all about keywords when it comes to the HubSpot CMS Hub but it also helps you improve your overall ranking by keeping an eye on your competitors. You can track your competitors through HubSpot’s CMS. Here, you can also review data added in through tools such as Moz and get an overall sense of your keyword progress.

Graph Showing Competitors Marketing Grade

The image above is an example of what you will see through the HubSpot CMS competitor analysis. It shows a holistic measure of your site versus your competitor's site’s online presence as measured by HubSpot’s Marketing Grader.

7. The CMS Hub includes helpful analytics tools

The HubSpot CMS Hub also provides analytics. Analytics are essential to any business as they help you discover what is and isn’t working. This ensures a website isn’t set up and then left untouched. Ongoing marketing optimisation is essential for you and your site to grow and develop.

The data you’ll gain is super granular, meaning you’ll get great insights into which pages are performing and which aren’t. This helps with getting a better understanding of the customer journey and more importantly, what type of content is resonating with your desired audience.

Analytics are necessary so with HubSpot’s CMS Hub and its built-in tool, you can be notified if any of your keywords aren’t performing well. In addition, you’ll also receive suggestions to add internal links, CTAs, landing pages and anything else that will get your marketing tactics booming.

Plus, because both the CMS and CRM are packaged together, it’s easy to keep track of any engagement with your site.

HubSpot: the all-in-one inbound marketing tool.

HubSpot is very helpful, not only for marketers but for designers as well. Everything you need to build, create, improve and work on is all in one place - meaning you no longer need to have hundreds of tabs open.

It’s a great tool and with everything all in one place. Your boss will only have to invest in a single platform, HubSpot, instead of different platforms on numerous websites just to ensure they get the best from their marketing. So, your boss can save money and have a great tool for the team to use daily.

Furthermore, it’s the perfect way to create an adaptive, growth-driven website design. In fact, that’s one of the key strengths of HubSpot - it builds sites through Growth-Driven Design (GDD). To find out more about GDD and how you can utilise it in your website builds, simply click the button below.

Originally written: 2018.
Updated: 2020.