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Marketing Hub

We'll get your HubSpot Marketing Hub
set up for success

HubSpot’s Marketing Hub gives you valuable insights into customer behaviour by tracking and reporting on your contacts’ interactions with your marketing. And once you’ve captured enough of this data, you’ll be able to personalise your content based on those interactions, making your prospects much more likely to convert into leads. 

From there, the only way is up! Use HubSpot’s innovative automation tools to effortlessly nurture your leads into paying customers.

As a marketing executive, you’ll also be able to prove your ROI and attribution with the closed-loop reporting capabilities of the Marketing Hub, allowing you to analyse channels by traffic, leads and customers. 

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...of marketers are reporting on how their campaigns are directly influencing revenue.

As a marketer reporting on the success of campaigns is essential. Goals are set in the strategy phase and whether they are met or not determines if you are a success. 

The Marketing Hub is well-placed to help you run effective campaigns. 

Over 75% of marketers report on campaigns and their impact on revenue, underlining the importance of strategy and goal setting. The marketing. 

(Source: HubSpot)

Helping you to get the full picture

The Marketing Hub is a powerful platform that can deliver key insights, performance data, functionality and learnings that you can implement to boost your marketing efforts. 

The key to making the Marketing Hub work for you is to get a good introduction to the platform so you know all about how it works and what it can do. It’s also important to make sure it’s set up for your needs, as if you make a hasty start and dive straight in without all the necessary info, you’ll only ever see half of the picture.






Enter, Avidly

With over 300 successful HubSpot rollouts under our belt, our specialists understand the essential steps that need to be taken in the set-up stage. 

They also have lots of experience working with the most advanced features HubSpot Marketing Hub has to offer, and they’re ready to share that knowledge with you so that you can extract the true value form the platform.

What you can expect from our process 

Here are some of the key learnings we’ll provide in getting you get set up with HubSpot’s Marketing Hub:

Templates for landing pages and blogs 

Landing page and blog templates always form part of our set-up package, to give you a strong foundation for sharing your content with the world on a regular basis.

Email subdomain set-up 

We’ll take care of setting up your email subdomains so that you’ll be able to nurture your leads through automated workflows, as well as keep on top of your regular email communications.

Mastering web forms 

We’ll show you how to segment your data effectively and track key performance metrics so that you never lose sight of your marketing impact.

Integrating all accounts into HubSpot

We’ll link up all of your social media and email accounts within the HubSpot platform, so you can maximise HubSpot’s comprehensive reporting functionality and access all your performance data in one place.

Get seen with on-page optimisation

We’ll take a look at your on-page content and come up with creative ideas for optimising it, to make sure your website consistently performs well.

Learn how to personalise your marketing

Perhaps the most valuable lesson of all - marketing personalisation! We’ll teach you how to deliver personalised content that’s more likely to convert. Learn how to segment your audience into lists so you can target specific audiences with specific campaigns, and make sure every message your followers receive is tailored to address their pain points.

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Inbound Marketing doubled Shoes For Crew's revenue

This is the story about how we helped Shoes For Crews to dominate online, grew their reach to millions and doubled their revenue.

Bermudiana Beach Resort

Bermudiana Beach Resort filled its pipeline with huge value deals

Find out how we helped Bermudiana Beach Resort fill their pipeline with huge value deals through web design and inbound marketing


A new website with a focus on mobility and conversion

Techstep wanted a website that breathes inbound and a design that fulfills both the function and the feeling of a company that focuses on value for the visitor.


Global Partner of the Year - 3 years in a row

Out of the thousands of HubSpot agencies out there, we were officially named HubSpot Partner of the Year for the EMEA region in 2018 – a title that meant a great deal to us all after four years of hard work keeping hold of our UK HubSpot Partner of the Year crown.


Proven Elite HubSpot Partner

Avidly is one of only a few Elite HubSpot Agencies. This means HubSpot recognise us for our understanding of the platform and our ability to implement the best solutions for our customers.


HubSpot's Partner Directory

It's easy for us and HubSpot to say we're good at what we do, but it's important that you hear that from companies like yours too who are using our services to help them grow. You can see reviews from over 200 customers about their experiences in the HubSpot's Partner Directory.

“After one month into the job and endless research, I brought Avidly to help me build marketing from scratch. As the only marketer in an early-stage startup, I instantly knew I needed a strong partner to help build a marketing machine. It was the first time I built a website as well as an inbound marketing campaign with an external agency and I must say, this is the way to go! Not only did I profit from their wealth of experience unlocking the power of HubSpot, but I also had the best time working with the lovely folks at Avidly.”

Raquel Soares, Uleska 

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HubSpot ROI Calculator


FAQs for the HubSpot ROI Calculator


How does HubSpot obtain the customer data used in the ROI calculator?

HubSpot collects data as customers interact with them via their websites or use HubSpot’s subscription services. What they collect, how they use the information they collect, how they share that information, and how customers can manage their information are all described in their Privacy Policy.

What types of customer data are used in the ROI calculator?

The data utilized in the ROI calculator falls into two categories:

HubSpot collects Personal Data from customers when they submit web forms or interact with our websites, for example subscribing to a HubSpot blog, signing up for a webinar, or requesting customer support. HubSpot also collects Personal Data when customers sign-up for a HubSpot account, create or modify user information, set preferences, or provide any other related information to access or utilize our Subscription Service. 

Usage data includes metrics and information regarding customers’ use and interaction with the Subscription Service such as what product features they use the most, when an object (like a ticket) is created and closed, and how often certain features (like workflows) are triggered in their account.

To ensure HubSpot maintains the privacy of their customers’ data, they use anonymization to remove or modify personally identifiable information, so that data cannot be associated with any one individual. HubSpot employs three standard anonymization techniques to customer outcomes data: attribute suppression, generalization and aggregation.

Which HubSpot customers are included in the data used in the ROI calculator?

The data used in this calculator is based on aggregated data from HubSpot customers globally who owned Marketing or Sales Hub Professional or Enterprise for at least 12 months between January 2019 and April 2022. 

In order to be included, the sample for each metric Marketing Hub customers also met the following criteria:

  • Website traffic - must have installed the HubSpot tracking code on website.
  • Marketing leads - must have activated the forms feature.
  • Website conversion rate - must have installed the HubSpot tracking code on website and activated the forms feature.

Sample sizes for each region and industry cohort and metric vary.  But, in order to ensure data privacy and accuracy, HubSpot does not share aggregated data from customer cohorts with sample sizes that do not reach their established cohort size threshold. In these cases, they default to the use of the global value for that metric.

How is the average improvement for each metric determined?

The average improvement for each metric reflects customer performance 12 months post-purchase compared to the average set in the first month after purchasing Marketing Hub or Sales Hub.

The exception is web-conversion rate in which customer performance 12 months post-purchase is compared to the average set in the first three months post-purchase.

HubSpot believes it is critically important to ensure the average improvement values used in this calculator reflect the experience of HubSpot’s customers as accurately as possible. Therefore, before analyzing customer’s data, they screen the data to check for errors, missing data and data distribution. They also employ statistical techniques to identify outliers and clean data so that unusual values do not distort monthly averages. In the case of highly skewed distributions, they use the median value as opposed to the mean because medians are found to be the best measure of central tendency in the case of skewed data.

What does HubSpot (or the partner) do with the data I enter in the calculator?

If cookies are enabled, HubSpot locally stores your selected:

  • Industry
  • Currency
  • Region

These items are cleared whenever you clear your cookies, and are scoped to the current browser being used (e.g., you can’t pick up in Safari where you left off in Chrome).  These properties are not being used to identify you in any way. HubSpot only uses these fields to provide you results based on data that best aligns to you (i.e., your industry or region) and presented in your currency. Everything else you enter into the calculator is saved in-memory while you are interacting with the app. Any data not listed above is cleared as soon as you close your tab/browser window. For more information on how HubSpot uses cookies, please refer to their Cookie Policy.

Avidly's privacy policy can be found here.

Am I guaranteed to see the results I obtain from this calculator?

The data used in this calculator is based on aggregated data from many thousands of HubSpot customers globally.

Please keep in mind that results for individual businesses, including your own as well as HubSpot’s, may differ based on their own markets, customer base, industry, geography, stage, and/or other factors. Therefore, we (and HubSpot) cannot guarantee you will see the exact results you obtain from the ROI Calculator if you purchase Marketing Hub or Sales Hub.