Video marketing

Video has become the preferred format of content for many people. The personal nature of video acts as a trust-building way to communicate your messages. You can use video both as an effective eye-catcher on social media and a way to convey complex issues to potential customers.



In inbound marketing it is no longer enough just to offer content in the form of text. Video has been gaining ground for a while, and for many it is the preferred format. It is impossible to ignore video if you want to catch customers' attention in a time where they lose interest very quickly.

With video you also get an opportunity to position your employees and thus give your customers an impression of the people who represent your business. Video is an effective way of building trust. Therefore it’s crucial that you are also capable of offering video to your customers.

Video is not just video

There are various types of video that serve different purposes. Below we have listed the most common video types we offer. If you want other types of video, reach out and we’ll discuss the possibilities.

Case video

The case video is an opportunity to invite one of your favorite customers to tell about their (good) experience with your company. When a potential customer make their final choice as who to choose, the case video will help tip the scales. And yes, it is an artificial situation, but the potential customer knows this. Still, a satisfied customer is the best messenger of praise.

Example: BizBrains X Prime Cargo

"A peek behind the scenes"

With this type of video you get the opportunity to invite current or future customers on a journey into the inner workings of your company and show your employees and their dedication to the work. It is a type of video where fascination is in the forefront and where you have to make sure to show the processes in action. If you have a production company, it’s always interesting to see what happens inside the "engine room", places that aren’t usually possible to enter. Thus you create an "exclusive space" for the viewer and potential customer.

Example: "Calibration Laboratory at Brüel & Kjær"

SoMe teaser 

The teaser contains a simple message that should make people want to discover your website. The video may consist of an excerpt, such as a strong quote and cover images, from a longer-format video or highlights from a piece of premium content. The teaser can consist of images or moving images - overlaid with text. The teaser lasts 30 seconds to ensure that it’s looped on Facebook. This increases the likelihood that your message reaches its audience. Furthermore videos can be made in a square format, which makes the video maximise the viewing area of the video in a SoMe news feed.

 Example: Mjølner Informatics


Scenarie 3 - Predictive Maintenance_teaser

Short SoMe videos

This type of video differs from the SoMe teaser in that it doesn’t necessarily have as its purpose to guide people further on to your website. This type of video can stand alone, and here the viewer / customer gets the whole message right away. It’s possible to overlay the video with text (especially at the beginning of the video), so it can be understood with the sound off. If there is no text in the video, we recommend providing subtitles so that it can be understood without sound. 85% of all videos on Facebook are viewed without sound.

Event videos/Reports

If you want to promote a recurring event for your company, or just want to leave your guests / participants a lasting impression of your latest event, this type of video is definitely for you. We capture the mood, support it if necessary with one or more statements from participants  and perpetuate the event as live images. You can send it in a "thank-you-for-participating-in-our-last-event-email" or simply post it on your website, your social media channel or send it in your newsletter.

Example: "VELFAC - Training for carpenters"

VELFAC - Ringkøbing


FAQ-/Information video

Here you get a type of video that delivers your message to your target audience briefly and accurately. It may be that you answer your customers' most frequently asked questions using either words or explanatory images. The format involves one person talking / explaining, and possibly being supported by text to help the viewer understand the larger picture. Aside from being useful to your visitors, the video also gives you a better idea of the people in your company.


With this type of video you can show how a product is used, how to use a particular feature in a program, etc. The length of a "how-to video" can vary according to the complexity, it can be anything from 30 seconds to 30 minutes.

"About us"/Profile video 

The goal of this format is to deliver the best possible impression of your company and to garner interest and possible collaboration. Apart from highlighting the best things about your business, there is also a lot of emphasis on the small details and aesthetic expression in this type of video.

Culture videos

Similar to the "About Us" / Profile videos, Culture Videos dig a little deeper. Values and culture are the focus of this format - Factors that can tip the scales in relation to taking the last step in becoming a customer. Here, there’s less focus on aesthetics and more time is spent conveying the message / good news out.

Example: "Comentor - The worked out recruitment"

"Welcome video"/Landing page video 

Give the visitor a personal message in relation to a free demo, an e-book or the like. It is a short video (0.30 - 1.00 min) that speaks directly to the recipient from a relevant employee from your company. The video can also be seasoned with cover images on the nature of the offer/premium content.

Example: "Avidly - Sales Play"

Product introduction 

This video provides a brief introduction to your various products or services. It consists of a single "protagonist" who addresses the visitor directly. Your employee introduces the visitor to your product and highlights the best reasons to buy this particular product. In addition to the classic "front-camera employee", it can also be supplemented by a few cover images - video or still images.

Anders Christensen - Content/Video Specialist

How to proceed

Are you interested in getting to know more about video marketing for your company, or do you want to hear more about how we can tailor a specific video that is not on this page?

Send Anders Christensen, Content / Video Specialist an email at, and he will talk to you about the possibilities.