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3 mistakes to avoid when using video in business

Creating videos isn’t always a piece of cake, even more so when trying to adopt a video-first approach in everything you do.

Now along the way to achieving video success, we’ve made our share of video mistakes and we want to share our learnings to help you.

Join Mark as he deep-dives into all the mistakes we made as a company and how you can fast track your success from decades into days:


Our top three mistakes using video:

      • We had a trust problem - we wanted to build trust, credibility and authority but we were a faceless company. The power of video has now created a shift using that human- to-human connection.
        • We never humanized our communication - recruitment was faceless but through video, we created employee branding by capturing natural footage from the office to showcase our culture and team, which led to the quality of applicants increasing.
          • The goal is connection...not perfection - just be you, it’s OK to mess up! As long as you're helping and giving value, little mistakes do not matter. (Check out our bloopers in the module above).

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