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3 Powerful Techniques to Video Storytelling

One of the most critical parts of any piece of content is the power of storytelling and this is no different when it comes to video creation.

Following a proven Hook, Story, Close framework will help you create naturally engaging videos that draw your target audience in. Check out more on this with our free video course below:


The Hook, Story, Close framework boils down to these three simple rules:

      • Learn how to get someone's attention - by pointing out something they’re afraid of in order to get the audience wanting to learn more.
        • Tell them a story that builds belief, emotion, trust - create that human-to-human connection by being yourself - people don’t buy into logic they buy based on emotion.
          • Offer them something they want that’s irresistible of real value - be clear and concise on the next part of the journey you want the viewer to take with a call-to-action.

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Video is skyrocketing!

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