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Building the Perfect Inbound Marketer: 8 Skills to Succeed

3 mins read

Inbound marketers are flexible, agile people who can lend their hand to various aspects and skills that their role requires. But what skills do they actually have to adjourn to in order to be successful?

Within a marketing agency, an inbound team is one of, if not the largest team in the business. The department covers a wide scope of key areas, from social media to PPC and even email marketing. These crucial areas contribute a lot to how successful your relationship with the client is and determine success rates too.


So, if you’re unsure on what it takes to become the perfect inbound marketer, don’t worry. This post will outline all the different skills and characteristics required to be the perfect fit for the role and stand you in good stead to succeed.

We’ll cover:


You have to be creative in every role when working at a marketing agency. Whether it’s creating new relatable content or designing the perfect eye-catching designs that’ll make people want to click through. Creativity is especially important for inbound marketers.

It’s something that you’ll get more of an eye as you grow into the role. But a shed full of creative nous can be shown off to impress clients and keep them happy with everything you’re creating. Plus, in order to attract clicks that result in leads, your creativity within emails, social media posts and CTA forms has to be on point.


Marketing campaigns can be likened to one huge jigsaw puzzle. Everything has to click into place for it to be complete and if one piece is missing, it just doesn’t work as it should do. As an inbound marketer, you need to be aware of the different factors that a marketing campaign entails, such as your audience, content and buyer’s journey to name a few. As an inbound marketer, you need to piece these components together and aim to attract qualified leads.

Or, marketing campaigns can operate via a marketing automation system to attract these leads. So, you need to able to make your marketing work if you're going to attract the right people and convert them into leads.

Analytical Thinking

Analytical skills are a must in any inbound marketer role. You need to be able to work with the different platforms that provide these figures, for example, Google Analytics and HubSpot’s analytics tool. You need to be able to understand the data too so that you can react to it accordingly. The data will provide you with information on what’s worked, what hasn’t and why it hasn’t turned out as expected. Then, you can figure out the direction you’re going to take your work in from these figures.

Writing Proficiency

You may have the best creative ideas in the world, but if you can’t write them down in an effective way, they could end up wasted. Nobody is going to want to click through an email or interact with a poorly written tweet, are they? It automatically screams unprofessional and will reflect your agency in a bad light, giving them a poor reputation. Not ideal.

People Skills

Although you’re tailoring your marketing efforts towards personas, you’re actually trying to appeal to people. And to do that you need strong people skills. Being able to empathise with people and interact with them allows you to gain a better understanding of your audience.

Plus, people skills are important within an agency office. Agencies are fast-paced workplaces, so communication skills are essential. You’ll be working with like-minded people, so good people skills ensure that you have a great time while on the job with your peers.



Whether it’s upholding client relationships, posting blogs to social media or designing campaigns for email, your day as an inbound marketer can be filled with varying tasks. This being said, you need to be a flexible, agile worker who portrays the ability to turn your hand at any role and approach each day with an open mind. Flexibility is a necessity.

Willingness to Learn

There are many different roles within an agency. Don’t worry, you’re not expected to be an absolute expert in all of these different areas. Nobody is.

But to excel in an inbound marketer role, you have to show an increased willingness to learn and enhance your knowledge as marketing trends and processes continue to change. It’s a great opportunity to pick up skills that you never would do in different roles and apply your transferable skills to stand you in good stead to pick up others.

The Ability to Handle a Workload

Inbound marketers have an unpredictable workload. They’re relying on clients a lot of the time so you have to move when they move. This means you have to be ready for days when your workload is very light or very heavy. This goes for any role in a marketing agency, really.

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