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Discussing the Avidly merger | Behind The Marketing | Ep02

Join us for episode two of our most candid podcast where we discuss Digital 22's latest announcement — our merger with HubSpot great (and three-time Global Partner of the Year), Avidly🎊

As a fellow Elite HubSpot partner, join UK and Canada Directors, Mark and Rikki, as they discuss how a partnership with Avidly felt right from the start and answer some hot seat questions delivered by our very own cameraman, Jon. 


What the Avidly merger means for Digital 22

Being acquired by Avidly means everything and nothing for Digital 22... 🤔

To us, it means everything in terms of gunning towards our growth goals and connecting with another 250+ like-minded people across Europe.

But it also means that not much is changing in our cosy Clitheroe office.

With scarily similar core values and strategies for the future, Avidly's acquisition of Digital 22 is set for smooth sailing. 

Avidly understands the importance of not fixing anything that isn't broken. It also means current and future clients can benefit from an even broader, Europe-wide skill set.

We've completed the classic job of ordering some new Avidly branded jumpers and introduced our teams to Slack. But apart from that, our people are going about their day-to-day just as they did before the big event, just with more resources and expertise at their fingertips. 


A new phase for Digital 22

Now, we're entering a new phase of growth where there are more opportunities to offer our clients niche services, dominate the HubSpot space and explore different corners of the earth. 

The first stop to Helskini has already happened — and it was a cold one. ❄️️

To hear more from Rikki and Mark on the exciting news and see them visit the Helsinki office, make sure to hit play above.


Follow along on the journey

So don't miss what will be an exciting time for Digital 22. We'll be sharing our learnings, successes and travels along the way on our YouTube, blog, video hub and all the other usual platforms, this podcast included. 

For instant updates and new job opportunities (we're growing!), connect with us on LinkedIn. 🤝