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Driving video adoption in your team — Manchester HUG round-up

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Head of Copywriting, Head of Growth, Video Master; the man of many titles, Paul Mortimer, talks about driving video adoption in your team. 
Why? Because video is one of the most powerful assets any team can possess — but it's also difficult to get a grasp of. Uh oh. That's why Paul jumped at the chance to run through the topic at the latest Manchester HUG.

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Listen to the 30-minute talk — or as Paul would say, half an hour of him 'prattling on' — and there'll be a walk down memory lane, a candid conversation about on-screen nerves and a bit of science to enjoy*. 

*Oh, and no WFH event would be complete without a doorbell interruption and a barking dog. So, we give you that too – completely, uh, planned ahead of time, of course. 


Once a teacher, always a teacher. Paul will leave you with actionable insights and a lesson on the power and pitfalls of video. Dig in. 


Want to see more of Paul?

Paul's words of wisdom can be found on his very own podcast, Video First. Or, feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn. 


Video has ultimate authority

Video is nostalgic for most of us, bringing back memories of Saturday night TV on the sofa. Even for younger generations, video plays a huge role in our lives through social platforms like YouTube, TikTok and now, an ever-increasingly video-focused Instagram. 

We can't run away from video. It accompanies every news article, it unknowingly lands in our inbox and we absent-mindedly find ourselves watching different people do the same damn TikTok dance. 

When someone is on screen, we trust them, eating up every word they say (or every disturbing dance move they make). The same is true for sales, email nurturing, client communications and production videos — but with less of the dancing, we expect.  

If you want your brand to get noticed, your clients to listen, your teams to thrive and your sales team to hit their quotas, you should adopt a video-first mindset. 


Master the fundamentals of video

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The problem? Producing video is hard

Producing engaging, consistent video content is hard. Otherwise, everyone would be doing it and it would no longer be a novelty. 

Over half of consumers want to see more video content from a brand they support, which probably has something to do with viewers retaining 95% of a message when they watch a video, versus 10% when reading it. Creating video gives people what they want — an easy and enjoyable way to digest content.

The trouble is, it's not always what we want. 

Whatever it is; fear of sounding stupid, mixing up your words, showing your face to the world or unleashing your Blackburn accent, the fight to create videos is overwhelmingly a mental battle.

We've all found our comfort zone on Zoom. While the start of remote work might have seen us have our cameras off while experiencing Zoom anxiety (yes, a real thing, according to Healthline), most of us now feel comfortable sitting through a virtual meeting. It's possible to get over our fear of the unknown, with Zoom calls being the perfect example of practice makes perfect. 

It isn't the act of flicking on the record button, speaking or uploading your clip. It's the fear. So, how can you overcome this video hurdle and shut off that sometimes unhelpful flight or fight response? 


Hire a professional

If time is of the essence, invest in Video Marketing Services. Professionals can work with you to create the best videos while instilling confidence in your teams. 


How to overcome video hurdles and drive faster, more widespread adoption

Thankfully, there are many ways to drive faster, more widespread adoption of video across your team. Or, if the problem is individual, get yourself to a place where you're happy to click play. 

  • Finding the why can be a great motivator, helping you find an evidence-based argument to just get over it. 

  • Frame as a 'try' rather than a new, permanent process. There's no pressure when video is just a bit of fun and a way to play with our usual day-to-day. 

  • Get to the point where you can do it on the fly by building a habit that makes video production second nature. 

And if you still haven't finished Paul's talk at the top of the page, revisit it now to get some further ideas for adoption. 


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