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A Peek Inside Our New Office

As part of continued growth, we'll be moving offices in Spring 2017. Here's some progress shots to give you a look inside Digital 22's new office and a bit more info about what this means for the business.

Why We're Moving

Towards the end of 2016, Digital 22 acquired The New Media Company, a design agency we regularly worked with on different projects.

It meant, overnight, our workforce doubled and we can now offer in-house design services (video, animations, web builds, photography, print materials... pretty much everything 'visual') as part of our Platinum HubSpot quality inbound marketing services.

This acquisition makes Digital 22 the largest end-to-end 100% HubSpot agency in the UK. And we plan on growing further, so we need more space.


Where We're Moving To

Don't worry, if you're a client who enjoys visiting our idyllic offices near the castle in the centre of Clitheroe; we're not moving far.

Amazingly, we're moving to even more impressive surroundings and taking a large part of one of the floors in a refurbished mill complex - a nice juxtaposition for an inbound marketing agency called Digital 22.

It's called Holmes Mill and houses all sorts of businesses all under one roof.



There's the offices, obviously, but also a restaurant with the longest bar in the UK, a brewery, a delicatessen, traditional gelateria... plus a gym and hotel, should you enjoy the facilities a little too much when visiting us...








What It Looks Like Now

Mark, Rikki, Perry and future consultant Cooper paid the site a visit this week and got some photos of progress, so we can all see what's going on...












Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 15.21.44.png


What This Means To You & Our Clients

Well, if you're already a client, things will remain the same, but they'll be a bit better. We'll carry on producing the most effective inbound campaigns possible, but will now benefit from being in a superior workspace. One which is purposely designed for our own needs and tailored to suit our creative processes.

For example, a part of the new office will be given over solely to video shooting and editing. We're looking forward to using more of this ourselves and rolling it out to our clients, as a way of improving our your inbound campaigns.

Roll on moving day!