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How To Convince Your Boss That Inbound Marketing Works

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To successfully convince your boss that inbound marketing is a profitable way forward, you need to show them the benefits of going inbound. You can do this by showing them statistical proof, and offer them helpful resources to further their own knowledge about it. If you turn up in your boss' office with no evidence to support your case, it's doubtful you will succeed. But we've got everything you need to make a strong argument that inbound marketing works. 

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In the UK, inbound marketing is growing rapidly. The inbound methodology had its popular origins in the US but we've seen how UK companies are keen to adopt this marketing concept into their strategy.

Benefits of inbound marketing

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There are many benefits to going inbound, it's:

  • Cheaper than outbound marketing techniques (television, radio adverts, etc.). Inbound leads cost at least 67% less than outbound.
  • Improves your own understanding of your customers.
  • Focuses advertising to your ideal customers.
  • Inbound gives smaller businesses the opportunity to compete against big companies.
  • Inbound leads have a close rate of 14.6%. Outbound has a rate of 1.7%.

The FACTS about inbound 

As an inbound agency, we've seen how inbound strategies have worked for our clients. But we understand that fact alone will not get your boss on board the 'inbound' train.  

So, we've collected all the facts that prove inbound marketing works. Most of our statistics are from Hubspot's State of Inbound, a report where 3,957 people, from around the world, contributed their experiences with inbound marketing.

1) Inbound can benefit many types of companies

From Hubspot's State of Inbound report, they discovered many businesses believed inbound gave them better opportunities compared to outbound. And there was a wide range of business types that could incorporate the inbound philosophy into their approach. 

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2) Inbound offers higher ROI compared to outbound

Leading marketing companies using inbound have announced they have seen a 300% higher ROI. 

It has been shown that small to large businesses have seen an increase in their ROI with inbound marketing. It doesn't matter their budget. 


3) Inbound is the main marketing strategy for companies with less than 200 people

Large companies still prefer outbound because they have the finances to support outbound strategies. Whilst big businesses are still incorporating inbound into their marketing, it's clear inbound is taking over as a main strategy for many smaller businesses. 

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4) Marketers are prioritising inbound marketing


From Hubspot's survey, 3,957 people took part and 75% said the inbound approach was central to their marketing. 

Inbound is critical for businesses who specialise in a specific niche. For example: software and tech companies benefit from inbound techniques because they can create premium content to attract their ideal customers.

5) Inbound boosts lead generation

Inbound marketing has proven to be more successful at generating leads compared to outbound, because it focuses specifically on ideal customers. All content and marketing strategies are designed with the buyers journey in mind

The inbound methodology has proven to help sales teams because they can contact leads when they are ready to buy rather than resorting to cold calling. inbound marketing can help turn websites into lead generation machines.

Many businesses who currently use inbound strategies are using this methodology because their main priority is getting more leads.


You can get your hands on the entire State of Inbound report for free! There's more interesting statistics you can read about. Arm yourself with all the facts and download the FREE State of Inbound Report:

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Get the proof that inbound marketing works

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