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5 Tips On How To Increase Call-To-Action Clicks & Conversions

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In the inbound marketing methodology, call-to-actions are used to convert online visitors into leads. If your CTAs are failing to grab people's attention or prompt them to act, then your entire inbound campaign will suffer the consequences. Here's some helpful tips on how to increase call-to-action clicks and conversions. 


CTA in laptop blog image


1. Colours

When it comes to designing call-to-actions, many marketers claim the colours you use play a major role.

It's often argued that using blue in CTAs, helps to inspire trust. Red creates a sense of urgency and gold highlights it's valuable. The psychology behind colours in modern marketing is sound, however this information is more suitable for creating adverts rather than creating CTAs for an inbound marketing strategy.

To increase call-to-action clicks and conversions, it's more important you choose colours that match your brand. If you decide to pick colours based on marketing psychology, you will be putting your CTAs at risk of being mistaken as ads which will only deter people from clicking.


2. Matches your brand

Remember, when it comes to inbound marketing, your aim is to not be interruptive. Using bright red eye-catching CTAs is interruptive. But creating CTAs that match your branding style shows they aren't adverts and by clicking, the user won't be taken to another website.

Of course, your call-to-actions should be eye-catching and attractive but at the end of the day, you want people to click and convert into a contact because the CTA is offering a solution, not just clicking because they were attracted by the big red CTA button.


3. Choice of text

Along with the design of your call-to-actions, the text you use will have a significant impact on clicks and conversions.

As we've already covered in the previous sections, you don't want your CTAs to look like ads. And you certainly don't want them to sound like them either.

The tone of your CTAs should match the tone of your website. The best inbound CTAs are helpful and engage with the pain points of your ideal customer. 

Here's a quick checklist of what text you should include in your call-to-actions:

  • Clear definition of the product/service you're offering
  • Is it free?
  • What are the benefits of clicking?
  • Does my tone match my business' brand?


4. Increase visibility

Call-to-actions will only work, if they are actually seen. Hiding them in the footer of your website won't do any good. CTAs need to be carefully placed in areas of your website where they will be seen.


Google ranking factors cheetsheet Digital 22


This CTA was created in March 2016 and so far it has been seen 4,043 times on our website. 

Some of the best places to put your CTAs:

  • Sidebars
  • Header
  • Blog posts

If you're putting CTAs within relevant web pages and blog posts you can increase the chance of them being clicked. Especially if the CTAs are offering quick solutions to fix your ideal buyer persona's problems.

While it's important to put your CTAs in areas where they will get the best visibility, you need to avoid spamming your website with all your CTAs. Otherwise your site will look like it's filled with annoying spam. 


5. Relevant Placement

For each page of your website (and blog posts), you should choose your call-to-actions carefully. Think about what stage of the buyer's journey, your ideal customer will be in when visiting particular pages.

For example, on your customer testimonials page, an online visitor is probably further along in their journey, they are looking for a company to help them with their problem. On a testimonials page, having a CTA that links to client case studies is the perfect choice. It's relevant to what the visitor is looking for.

Relevancy is key to increase the clickability of your CTAs.


CTA at the end of blog post Digital 22

Having call-to-actions at the end of relevant blog posts will increase their clickability.


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