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How can you get started with inbound marketing today?

Whenever we explain inbound marketing to someone, they almost always get very excited and ask how they can get started immediately. Although enthusiasm is great, there are some key steps to take to get it right.

Before you read on: if this post is going to make any sense, please read the following blog posts first:

Getting started with inbound

There are a lot things you can do on your own to get the ball rolling, but you will also need to enlist some internal resources for some parts of the strategy. It’s always good to have more than one person producing content, as long as they are familiar with the inbound methodology.

Depending on your own skillset you might need someone with some creativity and design skills who can produce downloadable content and CTAs. You should also assess if you have the time to develop and project manage an inbound strategy.

The crucial workshops

No matter what level you’re aiming for you should start with a few workshops including:

  • buyer’s journey workshop to get to know today’s processes and look for improvements
  • persona workshop to determine who you will be writing for
  • A content strategy workshop to determine what blog posts and downloadable content needs to be produced
  • A meeting with the sales department to determine how incoming leads will be scored and handled

Think you will have time to facilitate all these workshops, analyse results and develop the strategy? If so, just get going!

Not so sure? Well, you can always enlist the help of someone with both resources and experience. 


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