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How Do I Get Started With Inbound? 5 Ways You Can Start Today

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You may have already convinced your bosses that inbound marketing works and is the way to grow your tech business. If you're still working on that, you can read our blog post on it and then tell them these 5 steps to get started with inbound today.

Then you can show them how far ahead of the curve you really are.

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1. Find Out What's Involved

You might already know this - or you might already know that content forms a major part of the inbound methodology. Not just blogs but also downloadable, valuable content that helps generate leads.

Alongside engaging and original content (which is all search engine optimised), your business also needs to incorporate social media, lead email-nurturing, contact management, PPC and be able to respond to successful conversions.

The latter point is key as it turns converted customers into promoters of your brand. Read more about each step of the methodology so you have a complete understanding of the process. 


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2. Learn More About The Methodology From The Experts

The leading voice in inbound marketing is HubSpot. Their software is used by the leading inbound marketing agencies in America and by a select few here in the UK.

They offer free educational resources to help you master the concepts of the inbound methodology. By going through their academy, you can also take their tests and get certified. This'll help you stand out in your company as being the one to lead your inbound generated business growth.

Find out more here.

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3. Decide If It's Right For Your Business

Once you have done further research, it's time to decide whether it is actually right marketing strategy for your business. The most likely answer is "yes" - as most businesses benefit from the inbound way of marketing.

But sometimes the timing isn't quite right, the sales team or production side of a business may not be ready for growth. Occasionally, a business' customers or field aren't suited to a full, prolonged inbound marketing practice.

It would be best to speak to somebody who would be happy to advise what aspects of inbound would be right for your company.


4. Stop And Take Stock

What state is your business currently in when it comes to social media use and presence? Is your blog active? What about SEO on your site?

Before going any further you need to collate where you currently are in regards to all aspects of inbound marketing techniques. This will tell you how much and what needs to be done to start building an authoritative presence in your industry, work out what needs to be rectified and what areas need to be built up from scratch.

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5. Prepare An In-House Team

Then you can start preparing an in-house team to take care of each aspect of your future inbound marketing: blogging, content creation, CRM, social media, SEO, PPC, site copy.

If you cannot currently afford to have a specialised in-house team, then you should look at getting assistance from an inbound agency. There are many benefits to getting an agency, rather than an in-house team.

  • An agency is already qualified and trained with HubSpot. They can offer you valuable advice on how to approach your inbound strategy.
  • You don't need to create additional office space for a brand new team.
  • It's cheaper: Rather than paying for 3 or 4 new employees, you're paying an agency for the services you need. 


Let's Chat

It's most likely that you will need to outsource at least some - if not all - of your inbound marketing needs to an agency. Digital 22 is a HubSpot Platinum Certified Agency Partner, meaning we are trusted by the leading voice in inbound marketing. We want to help marketers like you achieve your goals, without being stretched thin.

If this is something that you're interested in, give us a call. 

Convince Your Boss

If you need to run it by your boss first, we’ve prepared some information to lend a hand. Click below to download a pre-written proposal to win the support you need to work with a Platinum Inbound Marketing Agency.