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Inbound After Hours: The importance of a people-driven culture code

Netflix. Slack. HubSpot. Some of the biggest companies in the world have implemented a culture code and we’ve set the foundations at Digital 22 as we continue to grow with our very own version. As more and more talented marketers and specialists join our growing team, it can be difficult to maintain the same fantastic culture that’s been in place for years.

So to make sure Digital 22 always feels like a family regardless of the size of the business, we had Talent and Culture Manager Mel and Head of Creative Paul work tirelessly to collate these guidelines.

In this episode of the Inbound After Hours podcast, Mark and Paul sit down with Mel to discuss the formation of the Digital 22 culture code, where the idea came from, what’s included and the purpose of having one in the first place.

Watch the video or listen on SoundCloud to hear more about the process. The guys cover the guidelines and standards in the culture code, some of the things involved from washing up right through to how to speak to people and how it needs to be people-driven. That’s a big one. It shouldn’t be dictated, but everyone should have input. 

We think of it as an extension of our core values.

“For Digital 22, the culture code defines what we believe in, what we do and how we work with people internally and externally. It's a way of formalising our DNA and the soul of the company so it becomes the backbone of how to act at work.” - Paul.

If you’re trying to protect and enhance your business’ unique culture, then this episode is well worth checking out. A culture code can also play a huge role in recruitment as it shows candidates what your company is all about.

But equally as important is getting buy-in from the team you already have and tailoring it to them so it doesn’t feel like it’s come from one person, management or HR.

The guys also cover:

  • Why a culture code is never set in stone.
  • What’s included in our culture code.
  • How you can begin creating your own culture code.
  • And much more.

I won’t waffle any more on the importance of our culture code. To get stuck right into our statement, check out the document on Slideshare below.


Digital 22 Culture Code from Digital 22 Online Limited

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