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Inbound marketing solutions: Why an expert agency is the perfect answer

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As the inbound methodology is constantly evolving, there’s so much to learn - especially if you’re thinking about adopting this technique yourself. The best alternative is to hire an experienced agency who can deliver top quality inbound marketing solutions for all your needs.

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So what are some common issues you can face and how can an expert agency help?

  1. Generating leads and traffic

  2. Proving the ROI of your marketing campaigns

  3. Securing a sufficient marketing budget

  4. Managing and developing your website

  5. Training your team

  6. What are the benefits of an inbound marketing agency?


1. Generating leads and traffic

According to HubSpot’s most recent State of Inbound report, generating leads and traffic is the top challenge faced by 61% of marketers. As time goes on, competitors grow and marketing avenues change, so it’s easy to see the interaction with your business drop. 

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An inbound marketing agency remedies this is by creating high-quality content as part of inbound marketing. Content that’s relevant to the personas you’re targeting.

Providing relevant content and making it easily discoverable through SEO practices means that when someone develops an issue in their lives that needs a solution specific to your industry, then your content will be the first they interact with.

2. Proving the ROI of your marketing campaigns

Proving ROI based on your marketing efforts can be like catching smoke. How can you figure out which purchases are directly attributable to your campaigns? An inbound marketing agency can solve this through the use of a customer relationship manager (CRM).

A CRM helps you automate the marketing process. It quantifies all of your campaigns and tracks all respective results. Using a CRM to create and develop your marketing campaign allows you to see directly see what kind of effect you’re having and how much profit each process can be linked to. 

Here at Digital 22, we use HubSpot and we’re pretty good at it. We’re also a Diamond Partner.

3. Securing a sufficient marketing budget

Securing a budget for your marketing team can be a war of attrition - especially if you’re not using a CRM to directly track your success. Using the data produced by a CRM can provide solid evidence in your case for a budget. 

If you’re confident in your campaigns and results, the more likely you are to secure a budget - possibly an even bigger one than last time. The key to this is patience. If you’re new to inbound, you’ll have to become accustomed to not seeing results straight away, but they’re there.

What’s that old phrase? ‘Good things come to those who wait.’

4. Managing and developing your website

Managing, developing and maintaining a website is the fourth most important priority according to marketers. It can be difficult to build a website, especially if you have no design or coding experience. 

At Digital 22, we pride ourselves on creating effective and visually appealing websites for our clients. We use a process called Growth-Driven Design (GDD), which sees us build a website and continuously add content over time. 

We also look into the design and content of your website to see what’s working and what needs improving, so that the traffic count of your website is always within your target area. This is a lot of effort. You need an experienced team to really get the most out of GDD. 

To find out more about GDD, explore our detailed guide which explains the whole process.

5. Training your team

If you already have a marketing team, it could take time and effort to teach them and yourself the ins and outs of inbound marketing. Time that you could be spending on other aspects of your company. Why not cut out the unnecessary time and effort?

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By hiring an inbound marketing agency, you’ll get a fully-developed, experienced group of people straight away. We’ve been there, done that and have the inbound t-shirt

Hiring a team of creative, adaptable and accomplished inbound marketers can provide you with an innovative way to market your products and services to the right customers at the right time.

To sum up, what are the benefits of an inbound marketing agency?

An inbound marketing agency offers you a wide team of experienced marketers, each with their own specialisms and unique approaches to inbound marketing solutions. Their respective skill sets mean you can quickly and collaboratively create an effective marketing strategy to begin implementing. 

Working with an inbound marketing agency can streamline the campaign process for you. It means all the ideas, intricacies and technical side of things are set up for you. All you need to do is sign on the proverbial dotted line.

What this means is, while inbound can seem like an expensive commitment, it’ll actually be cheaper in the long run than building an in-house team. It’s a lot quicker too and has less margin for error. The hiring process can take an age and what happens if you realise you’ve hired the wrong person? Disaster.

Creating attainable targets and receiving constructive feedback are other boons working with an inbound marketing agency will grant. An inbound marketing agency will research your market and create some realistic goals that will help produce ideal results.

The big question is, which is the best inbound marketing partner for you?

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Here at Digital 22, we want to help get the most out of your marketing efforts by finding a team that will complement you.

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