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Manchester HUG March 2021: How to get the most out of video

In a world where video is the norm and is often expected, knowing how to create your own video strategy from scratch can be difficult. That’s what our Head of Growth, Paul Mortimer, explained at our latest Manchester HUG in March 2021. Paul works closely with our Video Specialist, Jonathan Scrivens, so he knows a thing or two about video. They’ve even started a podcast together, filled with tips and tricks to make better video content. But today, we’re covering exactly what Paul taught us at the Manchester HUG. 

The difference between HubSpot video and Vidyard

To start his talk, Paul explained the difference between HubSpot video and Vidyard, as this has caused some confusion. HubSpot video is powered by Vidyard, which means there is an overlap, but they’re not entirely the same thing. With a Vidyard account, you’ll have more flexibility, such as the ability to embed outside of HubSpot and more CTA freedoms. 

Next, Paul covered tactics on getting the most out of videos.

How to get the most out of using videos

Paul explained how, when you’re first starting out, it’s best to look at the pages getting the top 20% of your traffic and convert that traffic first. This means you’ll be converting the pages that are already bringing the majority of traffic in and bringing them up to scratch. To really take advantage of video the right way, Paul advises using the basic three-step inbound video playbook.

  1. Improve CTR of an existing audience.
  2. Work back up the Buyer’s Journey.
  3. Improve brand awareness and authority.


Create evergreen content

When creating video content, take the same approach as you would with written content and make sure it won’t be out of date the following year. Paul explained how, here at Digital 22, we host a free event every year called LOVE INBOUND. We film all of the talks and put them online, but we also go a step further and chop up the talks to create video and audio snippets. Plus, we even turn the talks into a podcast and write blogs from the talking points.

This makes the most of the content you put out and fills every area. You’ll even find that by doing this, the content will apply to a different marketing campaign in the future so it can be used again.

Videos in emails

We all have an inbox full of emails, usually filled with one medium - text. By putting a video in your emails, Paul explains how you’ll stand out from competitors. Videos break up the norm, which then creates more engagement and makes your brand become more memorable.

You can find more interesting tips and insights like these by joining the Manchester HUG.

What is the Manchester HUG?

HUG stands for HubSpot User Group and is an event hosted by Digital 22 regularly throughout the year to help like-minded people share their skills and tactics for inbound. It’s a great opportunity for marketers to learn and improve together. 

At the Manchester HUG, you’ll discover what does and doesn’t work for other companies, as well as have the opportunity to ask experts questions. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn and grow with like-minded individuals, join us for our next event on 27th May 2021.