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Manchester HUG March 2021: How to recruit the inbound way

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The Manchester HUG is an event hosted by Digital 22 that invites like-minded people to share their inbound tactics to help everyone improve their results. At the HUG, you’ll learn what other companies have tried and how it works for them, with the end goal being that everyone that attends feels like a better marketer. At the March Manchester HUG, our very own Melanie Gilmore shared her insights into how to use inbound techniques to help hire the ideal people for your team.


Here’s what she covered. 

Tips on how to attract the best people

As Digital 22’s dedicated Talent and Culture Manager, Mel knows a thing or two about hiring the right people. Finding people who are a great culture fit is paramount, because ultimately, if you like the people you work with, your teams are going to work better together. 

So how do you narrow your choices?

Create a persona

Firstly, come up with a candidate persona. This gives you somewhere to start. You could even base it on one specific person in your team who’s a great culture fit. Write down the kinds of things they’re interested in, what they’re looking for in a role and really get into the nitty-gritty details of what a great team member looks like. 


Next, determine the tone of voice for candidates. Think about who you’re trying to attract and how they’ll want to be spoken to. Working in HR, it can be hard not to write in a formal tone, so the best way to improve your tone of voice is to get feedback from your team. Try to be creative and make everyday messages more engaging to read. 

Make it easier for potential candidates to find out what it’d be like to work at your company. At Digital 22, we’ve created lots of blogs about what it’s like to work in an agency, as well as specific roles, like a content marketer or SEO strategist, for example. 


We know that often people feel more confident resharing posts rather than creating their own. That’s why we create authentic, planned content that the team can share to their personal network, helping the advertising role reach more potential candidates. 

Make the most of HubSpot CMS

Before learning how to use the HubSpot CMS, Mel would often have to wait days for updates for current vacancies to be updated on the website, simply because of internal processes. With very little training, Mel can now update what she needs in the moment,  such as changes to job descriptions, creating new job advertisements, removing roles that have been filled and even adding a blog. 

It’s really easy to do this for your own team. Simply create a selection of how-to videos using a video platform such as Vidyard. That way, your team can learn how to do it and refer back to the videos if they need to. 

Contact forms

There are a variety of contact forms on the Digital 22 website that candidates can fill out after consuming our content. That way, we’ll have the details of potential candidates if a role their ideal for comes up.

You can then create lists according to each role, so you can send specific updates rather than the whole recruitment list. This is more work, but it pays off. 

Meeting links

Lots of time gets taken up by screening candidates and organising calls. Often, there can be a lot of back and forth while trying to agree on a time. However, with a meetings link, Mel’s found organising calls is so much easier. All the candidate needs to do is book a time and date that works best for them according to Mel’s availability and the appointment gets booked.

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