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Manchester HUG October 2021 round-up — Inbound 21 Updates

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The main themes of INBOUND 2021 revealed that HubSpot was doubling down on enabling more customisation, more connectivity and becoming more customer-centric — which was all music to our ears. 😍

We were lucky enough to have HubSpot's Senior Solutions Engineer, Jack Coldrick, join us to get the insider info on all the latest product updates from INBOUND at our recent Manchester HUG event.


If you want a round-up of all the juicy insights that Jack shared, keep reading.


A more customisable CRM

HubSpot’s new customisation features offer a fresh new approach to the company’s existing features, keeping the user interface and experience consistent while adding powerful new capabilities.

Here’s what’s new:


The sandbox has been made available for all enterprise tiers of the solutions hub!

What the heck is a sandbox you ask?

A sandbox is a mirrored environment of your production HubSpot account. In lamens terms, if you want to test things before they roll out in real life, the sandbox allows you to do that. It lets you try new modules, integrations and ideas in a safe and controlled environment.

So, no big disasters in real life. A big win.

If you don't have an enterprise account, you can still set up a developer account for free. It's not quite the same but allows you to test things in isolation. You just don't have the same rich data that the sandbox does. 


Public beta of the association's improvements

This beta gives customers the flexibility to associate multiple company records with contacts, deals and tickets. So, this lets you define your relationships with multiple companies. It's available to all tiers with a few limitations for the lower tier accounts.


Business units

Enterprise users will be given a maximum of 25 business units, which allow you to break up your marketing into branded segments. You can use business units to break up all the assets you use across multiple brands. So, for those that manage multiple brands, this is a big win! Think Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing etc.

You can now break up all your assets, structure your content and connect multiple zoom accounts, too. The dream!


Permissions and governance

As a little sprinkle on top of the customisation CRM cake, our mates at HubSpot have done us a solid by overhauling how administrators can manage permissions, which means you can easily assign roles to users and provision them as needed. 

Thank you, HubSpot; you’re the best.


More connectivity

Earlier this year, HubSpot had already started making tweaks to offer a more connected CRM platform with the launch of Operations Hub Free, Starter and Professional. At INBOUND, they announced they were upping the game with Operations Hub Enterprise!


Operations Hub Enterprise

The launch of Operations Hub Enterprise provides an automated way to export HubSpot data into the leading data warehouse, Snowflake. It went live at the beginning of November and will solve a lot of headaches when it comes to reporting.

According to HubSpot, ‘Operations Hub Enterprise will bring the unified system of record to the next level with a new business intelligence feature called datasets.’ You can learn more about datasets here.

Read more about the revolution of RevOps here.

On top of Operations Hub Enterprise, HubSpot added even more features to create a more connected CRM. Here are the highlights:


Custom behavioural events

The new custom behavioural events API consolidates your data to track and report any behavioural data, either in HubSpot or a third party app. This new feature allows you to craft a hyper-personalised customer experience.


Custom report builder

Ever needed quick answers to your bosses questions around business growth? Well, the custom report builder will help you do just that and more. Did we ever tell you that we love you, HubSpot?



Manage your sales pipeline. How’s your team doing? What does the future look like? What do you need to push out to next quarter? Well, marketing managers now have complete visibility of it all, which allows for better planning. It gets a big thumbs up from us. 👍


More customer-centric

HubSpot has always been the market leader in helping businesses provide an excellent customer experience. After the INBOUND update, it’s clear HubSpot is showing no signs of complacency with this as they’ve made a bunch of improvements to the Solutions Hub. 

They’re going big on helping businesses ‘create remarkable digital experiences’ for their customers. Here are the updates that will help them do just that.


HubSpot payments

First up is HubSpot payments, which is now in beta and only available to customers in the US. But this is a long-awaited feature that allows you to take payments and recurring billing through the HubSpot CRM. 

For customers looking for a few more features regarding payments in HubSpot, or if you’re based in the UK, you might want to check out Collect.


Customer portal

Customers can now log in to a secure portal to keep an eye on any tickets raised. This will keep ticket conversations going between customers and reps and offer access to a company’s knowledge base. On top of this, the portal can be customised to create the optimal customer experience! A big win for businesses and customers alike.


Customer surveys

Customer surveys are here! This is a great new way to make sure your customers feel heard and valued. Something we're really big on here at Digital 22, so we'll be making the most of this feature for sure. 

You can ask as many questions as you like in the surveys and you can send them out either as an email or as a standalone link. Another nice way to keep your customers engaged in your mission and an excellent opportunity to gather feedback and improve your services!

So, that’s it. Yeah, we know it’s a lot to take in, so we recommend that you watch Jack’s HUG talk to dive deeper into all these new features. But if you’re ready to learn even more about how HubSpot can help you in 2022, make sure you join the next Manchester HUG on the 8th December 2021.

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