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Why Avidly UK & CA thinks hybrid working is the way to go

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As a newbie to the Avidly UK & CA team, I came in expecting to be overwhelmed by the number of people in the office. When I walked in (after I got lost in the beer hall next door first), the environment was calmer and I felt instantly welcomed.

Avidly is one of the estimated two in five employers in the UK that believe hybrid working is the way to go. With the added bonus of flexible working hours, we get the best of both worlds for a healthy work-life balance. I caught up with some of the people in the office to tell you why we think hybrid working is the way to go.


The perfect balance

While working from home is great for getting that extra bit of time before and after work; it’ll never replace the collaborative nature of the office. As a new starter, I’ve spent my first few days in the office and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Learning the basics of the role and meeting my colleagues face-to-face has been essential to the onboarding process.

And with an Xbox, a pool table and a snazzy coffee machine just a few steps away, why wouldn’t we want to come into the office? We’ve got a comfortable working environment that makes the office a great place to be. 

That being said, there are also clear benefits to working from home. When your to-do list is as long as your arm, getting your head down with no distractions is probably the way to go. Allowing freedom of choice can determine the difference between a focused, positive workplace and a stressful one. From what I can see already, Avidly falls into the former category.

“If I’ve got a heavy workload one day or a task like a guest blog that requires pure focus, working from home means I can do that easily. But then I also love the social aspect of working in the office, so having that choice is an absolute godsend.” - Hannah Wilson, SEO Specialist

Communication can be a big concern for hybrid working sceptics. The hybrid model has now been in place at Avidly UK & CA for the best part of a year, making online chat essential. Thankfully, the team seems to be just as good at communicating on Slack as they are face-to-face.


Flexibility and freedom

As someone who often struggles to sleep, it can be a relief to wake up and know the extra time spent commuting isn’t a must. Not only is the freedom of hybrid working great for your overall wellbeing, but it also saves on weekly costs. With both rail and fuel prices constantly rising these days, saving any travelling costs is a godsend.

“Hybrid working gives me more time in the mornings to focus on my well-being, as I can get up and go to the gym before work, start the day right and get in a good mindset for the working day.” — Will Troup, Lead Content Specialist

The commuting time saved from working from home allows you to do the things you love more often. Unsure about when to go to the gym? Plan it around your work from home days. Want to meet up with a friend on a Thursday night? Just head there straight after work. 

I don’t know about everyone else, but for me, the weeks seem less tiring when having that variety of work environment. You can tailor your week based on your own needs and workload. The work-life balance can split the week up and helps defeat stringent routines.

“As a parent, hybrid working allows me to do the things like washing and cleaning the house and going shopping without the child, meaning my time with him allows for more genuine time together without being that boring person who has to do jobs.” — Emily Yates, Marketing Coordinator


Company culture

Just based on first impressions and the team meets, company culture is clearly the lifeblood of what makes Avidly work so well. The spacious office kitchen has been a fantastic place to socialise with the entire Avidly team — I’ve met nearly 50 new faces this week 🤯 — making us new starters feel very much at home!

This strong company culture makes office working a necessity at Avidly UK & CA and I can tell this is a company that would never go fully remote in normal circumstances.

In 2022, the focus on employee wellbeing and happiness is essential to a company’s success. 

“Not every day is the same, so having the flexibility with hours and being able to work from home has a massive impact.” — Dan Thomas, Senior RevOps Consultant

I only started a few days ago, but my calendar is already filling up with events for the team to look forward to. We've got Eid celebrations, a girls’ trip out and even a trip to the Avidly office in Finland at the end of May. And how could we forget the Friday early finishes? We love starting the weekend early!

Our Clitheroe, UK location is a spacious, newly built office too. Located in the heart of the stunning Ribble Valley area in Lancashire, the site is located in the historic Holmes Mill complex, complete with a beer hall (with apparently one of Europe’s longest bars!), a food shop and an Everyman Cinema downstairs. Do you fancy watching the latest films after a busy day at work? Well, you’re now in luck.


Want to join the Avidly UK & CA team?

We're always looking for talented people to join our amazing team. Interested in joining the Avidly family and working from our UK office or even our new office in Nova Scotia, Canada? Head over to our careers page below to find out which roles we’re currently recruiting for.