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Sales prospecting videos in 2022 and beyond | Video First Ep07

Meeting with Digital 22's Head of Copywriting, Paul Mortimer, Yaniv Siegel, Vidyard’s EMEA Sales Manager, describes what sales prospecting videos you should create based on the data they've analysed.

"People want to buy from other people."

Watch the full episode below to innovate your sales cycle. 


Yaniv's school of thought is that videos should act as trailers. Instead of a trailer enticing us to watch a movie, it can tempt us to have a sales conversation instead. Makes sense, right? 

Plus, videos are the best medium to answer sales questions right now. 

Post-pandemic: Where does video sit? 

In the midst of remote working, videos have found a valuable place in most sales cycles, acting as the next best thing to an in-person meeting. But just because people have adopted it, it doesn't mean it's here to stay.

Or does it? 

Yaniv believes videos will stick around. He explains that sales will steer in the same direction as we move forward in hybrid motion, sometimes requiring the video medium to help seal the deal. 

Indeed all the pandemic did was accelerate asynchronous video at scale and help us recognise the efficiency and effectiveness of on-demand snippets. Finally, something good from the whole ordeal. 

Now, companies can confidently move away from slabs of text and get a leg-up on their faceless competitors. Sweet! 🍬

Interested in hearing more about what Yaniv and Paul had to say? Listen on the go using the SoundCloud player below.


Wait! How do videos work in sales?

At Digital 22, we use video for everything. But video is well-placed in sales, especially, as Yaniv confirms, in the mid-sales cycle.

Video can enrich this bond and help signpost questions from other team members when you're already speaking to prospects and customers. 

It stops us from playing email tennis and speeds up the sales cycle — something every sales executive wants to hear. 🎾

So, what else do we speak about?

This chat is a great sell for video in sales, but it isn't all waffle about the why. It also explains the how. We discuss: 

  • Video as a pipeline and revenue generator
  • Where to start with asynchronous videos
  • Text-based outreach vs video outreach 
  • Successful sales video tactics
  • Closing off a sales video 

Go on, get to grips with video...

Sold on producing sales videos? How about creating marketing video campaigns and internal videos for others in your team? 

We have a whole library of resources to help you. 

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