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5 steps to video SEO success

2 mins read

You can maximise the reach and make your video traffic evergreen by following these 5 steps to video SEO success. Take a look at Mark Byrne, Digital 22 Co-owner and Director, explaining the 5 step ingredients required for video success, learned across his many (very many) years running successful video agencies...


Overview of the tips

  1. Make a quality video, before anything else! Poor content is poor content.
  2. Make sure your audio is spot on. People will often cope with average visuals, but not audio (we learned this the hard way. Check our early podcasts out and don't laugh too hard.).
  3. Provide text-based versions of the content for accessibility (and SEO indexing) purposes. Closed Captions of the audio content should be available, and meaningful video descriptions.
  4. Share it with people and encourage re-sharing. Social, email, website traffic and even PPC... Don't just produce a video and expect the world to come and find it.
  5. Measure the performance so you can optimise in the future. Know what to do more of in your next video by using a hosting too, like Vidyard, which lets you analyse which parts of the video people are actually watching.


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Full video transcript...

So let's talk video S E O.
I'm not sure if you're aware or not, but
Google cannot read actual
video footage. So this is where
Video s CEO is so important
again. This is a bit of mine fields.
So we try to simplify this into our
kiss methodology, and I just put
these into five simple panels which
I'll I'll happily talk through now.
you know, you could have great quality video.
You know, you're going to have, like, a still image as a thumbnail
accustomed thumbnail
by the by. Now you know that that's great.
And then you've also got to have a great quality
audio we spoke about. We can
separate audio files into snippets.
We've discussed that.
But the main thing when it comes to video
audio is make sure you get them transcripts.
So we've already talked about Rev.
All you do is you upload your video to rev
it downloads it as a file. You
add this to your video as explained in
an earlier module, Google can
actually read now the content within
that video. So we class that as video
seo, which is search engine optimization,
use closed captions, trying to
use keywords in your titles, so whatever
your video is about, if it's a how to
video, use the word how to
how to create a compelling
video using editing methods,
for example,
and I always add a video description
as well. So the more keywords and content
and transcripts you can put within
your video framework, the more Google
can read this
and can actually display to your ideal
prospects or target market. So that's
critical within video audio.
The next section is people we've discussed already
share across social networks.
Remember to share your videos to
your email this as well. Add them
to your website and you can use
PPC or pay per click as well.
We're not going to touch on that in this course because
it's more advanced stuff. But you can start
using video advertising
on YouTube or Facebook or LinkedIn,
for example.
Again, if you're going to do this, use
the text tip of giving in the middle of one
by transcripts, keywords
and descriptions.
The last section is measurement. Don't forget to
as we did earlier with our our why we
measure everything now use Web
analytics uh, within Vidyard
there's a reporting function within YouTube.
You can see how many people have viewed that month
and always try and measure and always see if it's growing
month on month. It just gives you the
motivation and the insights
to progress even more. I can't
tell you enough how much video works,
and soon as you start seeing that traction
and you see results after a result,
it will motivate you to do more
and more. It's almost the methodology
I always use is like seeing a personal
You get measured when you first go to the
gym, and every month you get measured weight
body mass index.
And when you see these things changed, it just gives
you more motivation to excel
and speed this process up. So always
try and measure as well, guys, even if it's as
simple as by views. How many
people have viewed your video
and that's it from our real
basic video Seo ingredients
list. I hope that helps
again. It's not super advanced. I
don't want to get too much advanced stuff in
this module or this cost.
That's for a later date. What? That's all
you need to get going.