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The tactics you need for your video marketing strategy

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When face to face meetings and interaction with consumers became impossible due to COVID-19, a behind-the-screen saviour emerged: video. After a year of video conferences, events, lessons and entertainment, consumers and businesses are now bored with lacklustre video.

Although Zoom fatigue is a thing for many, video is going nowhere when it comes to marketing. However, to make the most of this medium in a highly video-saturated time, you need to refresh and rethink your tactics to create an effective video marketing strategy.

Mix and match video styles

Using a combination of different types and video styles is the perfect tactic for your strategy in 2021. 

Make your filmed-from-home videos stand out and grab your audience’s attention by incorporating b-roll and stock footage along with animation. Using different styles and video elements in this way easily makes your videos more engaging and enticing. This means more people will watch it in its entirety and even share it with others. 

This tactic makes your video more visually attractive. It’ll also set you apart and make up for the lack of new b-roll, preferred backdrop and setting that you'd have used in video in a pre-COVID reality.

Bigger budgets don’t make better videos

You don’t need a big budget to create successful content for your video marketing strategy. If anything, audiences crave authenticity from brands - and nothing says inauthentic like a Warner Brother-level production and budget. 

Good quality is important in general, but not if it overshadows your brand’s unique personality and appeal. With remote working dominating most people’s professional lives in 2020, your audience almost expects your videos to be shot on a webcam from only one or two angles. 

Creating content this way as part of your video marketing strategy gives consumers the honest approach to showcasing your company that they want. 

Instead of investing in a green screen, boom mics and professional voiceover artists for all of your videos, make use of your webcam and get to work. You can spruce up your content in editing by using the mixture of different media we spoke about earlier, but that’s all the fluff and embellishment you truly need. 

Don’t be anti-social 

2020 was the year the world turned upside down. Now in 2021, it’s time you turned your videos upside down too. Or rather, flip them on their side. 

Vertical videos are now king on social media, with horizontal only really being suitable for YouTube - and even then, vertical videos are increasingly popular. Vertical videos have a 90% completion rate and are ideal for sharing your content to the stories features now commonplace on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter (known as ‘Fleets’) and YouTube. 

The vertical video trend has been sharply rising since Snapchat first exploded into the digital sphere in 2012. The booming popularity of TikTok only cements this supremacy of short-form vertical videos for social media. 

Save time, make videos 

Whether you’re answering common questions about your products, talking a new client through your processes or even onboarding a new team member remotely, you’re using up valuable time. 

Every time you jump on a video call or pick up the phone to do one of these things with every client or customer, you're short-changing yourself. But, there’s a way to still help your customers have their questions answered and have a better user experience without all of the unnecessary extra efforts of real-time communication. 

Synchronous communication happens in real-time, meaning every time you have to help out a consumer or team member, you’re unnecessarily diverting time you need to complete other tasks. It’s not efficient and it doesn’t hold any benefits. 

Asynchronous communication, however, is the opposite of this. 

Asynchronous communication is the best way to communicate with your audience without each interaction chipping away at your workday, pulling your focus from your other responsibilities. 

Through creating a library of videos to show consumers how to use your product or navigate your platforms, you: 

  • Save yourself time in the future 
  • Provide a better, more educational customer experience
  • Have more video content to add to your website and social media, improving optimisation 

We’ve seen huge success in implementing asynchronous communication through video. We’ve communicated with clients, given potential clients more insight into what we do and successfully onboarded multiple new team members using this method. 

Our successful use of video for asynchronous communication was even a contributing factor in Digital 22 winning Vidyard’s Video Master Award

Let your brand shine 

Whether you’re going live in your work-from-home office or producing a scripted multi-media slick video, you need to keep one thing in mind: brand personality. 

It’s almost certain you’re not the only business to sell this thing or offer that service. So, why should potential consumers buy from you? Because they connect with your story and love your brand personality. 

Your videos need to present a genuine and friendly personality. The only two things you should try to be in these videos are yourself and approachable.

Think about your tone of voice, your target audience and what they respond to. Build your brand’s in-video personality both around their expectations and wants without sacrificing your unique personality. Be considerate of your audience but not ingenuine.

Become a massive ranker 

Worrying about how to boost your SEO ranking can have anyone working in marketing or sales lurching out of bed in the night in a cold sweat. 

While video isn't a magic cure-all for every marketing ill or obstacle, it can help your SEO, social media health and general brand awareness. Embedding video into your website is a huge hit for SEO and it's proven to improve bounce rate

The inclusion of video on your key pages will get a big green tick of approval from search engines and the improved bounce rate and engagement they'll earn from visitors will, in turn, also boost your SEO. It’s like a search engine win-win-win. 

The golden age of video is upon us and it looks as though video advertising is poised to become a marketing juggernaut. In today's increasingly digital world, video advertising will likely continue to be an important part of marketing plans well into the future.

We’ve been using video marketing ourselves to create insightful, honest content to help our audience learn and grow with us. 

How to do video: D22 style 

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