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VIDEO FIRST: How much is too much?

In this episode, Digital 22's resident video experts and the hosts of Video First, Paul Mortimer and Jonathon Scrivens, discuss all things podcasting in the final destination for the fanciest of video productions — the cinema. 

Thanks to our kind neighbours at EVERYMAN Clitheroe for letting us steal a slice of the silver screen. 

If you've ever toyed with the idea of setting up a podcast, be it for a business or a personal brand, flick the switch on your kettle and sit down with the guys for the next half-hour to learn more about the benefits of podcasting and how to get started. 

Besides, it isn't as hard as you think. 


We take a trip down memory lane to our very first podcast attempt — the filming of Inbound After Hours — causing Paul to cringe at our echo-filled, £100 microphone production. 

We then review our podcast performance over the past six months across all of our latest (and more premium production) shows including, Explicit ContentTrending UpwardsPaid Media Podcast and, of course, Video First

The result? We conclude that Google Meet and other primitive podcast productions aren't so bad as they've produced some of our highest-engaged videos on our channel to date. 

In fact, we estimate most businesses can start bashing out weekly podcast content for an average investment of two hours per week using their phones, web cameras and whatever other equipment is lying around the office. 

If you take the plunge, like us, you could enjoy 41,000 non-subscriber impressions in as little as six months, 160 hours of watch time from potential leads and share your expertise in content's most forgiving format.


What we cover in this episode

  • The benefits of podcasting for businesses
  • Expert advice on how to start a podcast — and why it doesn't have to be perfect 
  • An internal review of our podcast performance
  • How to review your own podcast performance 

What else? 

  • Find out about our exciting in-house plans for the next three months as we share some information about our now not-so-secret video project 

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