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VIDEO FIRST: How to psychologically get comfortable on camera with Tom Burgess

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You're ready to film your next sales prospecting video. You've taken a big gulp of water, wiped the sweat off your forehead and are repeating your script in your head over and over as you hesitate to press record. Filming videos shouldn't make you feel like that.

It's all in your head. That little voice telling you not to go through with it and, to be honest, it's the number one video adoption killer. It's all psychological and it's what stops many from hitting record and adopting video across the business.

But there are ways to get around it. That's why in this episode of Video First, Digital 22's Head of Growth, is joined by Vidyard's Senior Partner Enablement Manager, Tom Burgess, as they discuss how you can overcome the mental roadblocks associated with adopting and filming videos. Hit the play button below to get their insights.


Avoid demolishing your mindset

In Tom's role, he sees people getting anxious a lot, ultimately leading them to avoid filming videos. Everybody gets anxious and those butterflies exist in everyone. It's normal.

There's an innate fear to be your best self. And for what? A 30-second sales video you're sending to a prospect? A 30-second video to update your client on something?

You wouldn't expect to be perfect throughout a phone call or conversation, so you don't need to be perfect in a short video either. You might be self-critical, have lots of thoughts racing through your head and, as a result, you'll demolish your mindset.

If you continue getting hung up on making mistakes, you'll cripple yourself. If you mess up, who cares? Keep it in, it'll be the perfect conversation starter or talking point, making you come across as human.

Vidyard's purpose

Vidyard is designed to make video adoption easy. Nobody is expecting perfection. Vidyard is there to make you come across as raw and authentic, not be perfect. People love to see a human on the other side, not a robot or a production company.

It's also about making you more efficient. Vidyard is a Chrome extension so you can film those quick, repeatable 20 or 30-second videos and get them out the door. That's how you'll build a habit.


Tactics to get comfortable on camera

Tom and Paul ran through some great tactics to help you get started. Hit the play button above to find out, or scan through at a top-level below.

Send it to friends and family

They'll give you great feedback and you'll send videos in a safe space. If you can send it to them, you can send videos to anyone.

Add it to your processes

Going on annual leave and need to do a handover? Film a video. Sending over a complex document? Film a video. Need to give feedback but the person isn't in? Film a video. Add it to your process and make it best practice to send accompanying videos.

Send them internally

Before sending them to prospects or clients, send videos to your internal team. Make it a challenge to film something daily until it's an informal structure and then a habit. Plus, filming videos regularly will get others around you comfortable, too.

That's just a quick rundown of what Paul and Tom discussed. To make sure you don't miss out on their unique insights, hit a play button above. We also have plenty of other valuable podcast content over on our YouTube channel you don't want to miss...

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