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We Love HubSpot's New Email Updates

One of the best things about HubSpot is its continued drive to improve. Every month there are always new updates and improvements. Recently, there has been new updates to HubSpot's email tool. See what's changed. 

Header image HubSpot's New Email Updates

HubSpot's New Email Workflow Visual Editing Interface

A while ago, I wrote an honest HubSpot marketing review and I said I wasn't so keen on the way HubSpot sets out workflows.

It was complicated and if you had a long workflow with many different branches and actions, it was hard to understand.


old Hubspot workflow interface

For simple workflows, this visual interface was fine. As you can see there is nothing visually fancy about it, it does the job. However, the inability to zoom out and see the entire workflow made it difficult to see every option logically. At times it was necessary to draw out the workflow on paper before creating it in HubSpot.

HubSpot has finally made the changes we've been looking forward to. 


HubSpot New Email Workflow.png 

The brand new workflow visual editor interface provides a clearer overall view.

The ability to see every decision means it's easier to see the different options and branches. You can literally zoom in and out to check your automation is correctly set up.

The efforts HubSpot has spent to create a personalised visual editor interface means it's easier to understand and set up. Plus, it's nice to look at.

HubSpot has said the reasons why they've improved their workflow editor are:

  • The new update provides a visual and logical layout so you can see how your workflow is set out.
  • It's easier to learn and use: the old workflow was harder to get your head around.
  • Inbound marketers can share new workflow with their teams and clients before turning it on.
  • It will help reduce building time.

Personally, I can't wait to start using the new workflow editor and be able to share previews with clients.

HubSpot's New Unsubscribe Process

HubSpot has introduced a new confirmation step for email recipients who want to unsubcribe from your email listings.


HubSpot email unsubscribe

image credit

It is a required regulation to provide an unsubscription option but there are some recipients who accidently unsubscribe.

The new update means the recipient will have to confirm they definitely want to unsubscribe. This helps recipients avoid accidentally unsubscribing if they have forwarded an email to another recipient (who clicks unsubscribe) and if a firewall or anti-virus package unsubscribes.

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