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What is inbound marketing software?

As a business owner, you may know what inbound marketing is and what it entails. However, most people then ask what is inbound marketing software and how could it support my business?

Inbound marketing software allows you, your marketing team or your inbound marketing agency to measure, plan and execute campaigns across various channels, from beginning to end, bringing your marketing vision to life.

So why is this important? Lets take a look at three areas of your business...


The world is forever changing, and this has an impact on how companies need to engage. Customers are now, on average, 57% through the buying cycle before they even involve you. Thankfully, with inbound software you can easily engage customers earlier in their buyers journey, putting your company in front of them and capturing their details as early as possible (which your competitors might not be doing, yet).

When the customer finally reaches out, marketers must be there every step of the way (more than ever now). With inbound software you can engage customers with personalised, multi-channel campaigns, via automation to take them from a stranger to a customer.

This process can be visualised by the inbound marketing methodology:


Your team and agency

As soon as you select a software package, you get the efficiencies of a single marketing platform:

  • You can collaborate and manage processes and workflows across your team (or across other departments and agencies) from a single platform (no multiple subscriptions, logins, access issues, integrations, APIs etc).
  • With constant access to data through visual dashboards, you will always get a clear overview of campaign results so you can quickly judge performances.
  • By integrating budgeting, planning and tracking across all channels, including SEO, PPC, email and social in one place you can demonstrate the impact of your marketing investments in real time


After a short while, your company will notice an increase in sales-ready leads with advanced segmentation and lead scoring. The software will combine your sales and marketing funnel to better serve your business objectives.

From there, you can strengthen your marketing and sales synergies by providing sales teams with visibility into a marketing calendar. Sales can then offer more insights into campaigns and targeting. And both sales and marketing can share the same view of the customer journey.

Finally, inbound marketing software can measure pipeline and revenue across every marketing investment to get a true view of your ROI. 

At Digital 22 we can offer a free inbound marketing software consultation...