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What is video first and how can video help your business?

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Something I've been asked a few times recently is, ‘What is video first?’ With so many businesses either curious about utilising video or beginning to experiment with it in their marketing campaigns, I’m never surprised when the question pops up.

When we talk about a full video first approach across an organisation, we're including:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Client management and customer relations
  • Recruitment
  • Project management and internal communications

You can use it everywhere across your business, completely transforming how your business communicates, shares knowledge and connects internally and with clients. Video helps generate new value in all these areas.

If you want to see some more specifics on where you can use video and what a video-first approach for a business looks like, check out this video or the rest of this post...


Let's start with marketing

That's where people are most familiar with video. A Wyzowl study has shown 99% of video marketers will continue using video in 2021 and beyond, while 96% plan to increase their video marketing budgets. 

These marketers wouldn't carry on using video if it wasn't working, suggesting video is working across the board.

In fact, it’s almost old news. If you aren't doing video in marketing, then you're miles behind. The issue is, using marketing is important, but using it strategically? That’s where the magic really happens. 

people forget text remember video black


What about video in sales?

The next biggest area where video makes sense is sales. 

This means creating produced videos that work for both marketing and sales efforts. Everyone has a limit to how much they spend on video. The best play businesses can make is to work with video service agencies that can create and produce the kind of videos the business wants. 

Those agencies can also make sure videos are:

  • Evergreen, displaying a longer life than a mere one-time play
  • Work for both sales and marketing teams
  • Offer value to the viewer to help them in their journey, as per the inbound video approach (which you can learn all about here)

The best agencies even help by coaching you on building 1:1 video messaging into your sales process.

Doing 1:1 videos helps build stronger connections with your prospects and sales qualified leads faster than emails or phone calls alone. This helps shorten the sales cycle and close more deals.


Video for client management and recruitment efforts

All of those strategies and techniques can be applied to client management and recruitment efforts, respectively.

That means you can turn your new customers into loyal brand advocates faster because you’ve built stronger relationships via 1:1 video communication instead of long emails, phone calls, and the dreaded 100th conference call of the week.

It’s a quick and easy way of developing relationships, even if you aren't the most experienced or comfortable being on camera (we’ve got the solutions to that!)

video more positive than text

An actual example was between myself and a client of ours. One day, we needed to keep in touch about certain developments but needed to focus on other things rather than an hour-long call. 

To remedy that, we sent each other two short videos (3-5 minutes each) and communicated asynchronously throughout the day. We didn’t need to waste time trying to find a slot in the calendar and it becoming a big, rigid thing.

And when it comes to recruitment, the very same video transformation playbook can help make sure you don’t miss out on those standout candidates. They’ll hear first hand, via a 1:1 video, just what kind of people you are to work with and be more likely to come in and interview.


How about project management and internal communication

Less time spent crafting long emails? Fewer crossed wires and misinterpreted Slack or Google Chat messages?

1:1 video helps you do that. And video transformation shows you how to adopt a video first comms approach to unlock those communication and production efficiencies for your business.

The video first approach helps companies use video intelligently in terms of the strategy behind them to help both sales and marketing.



Video services show you how to take advantage of all this

Getting you set up with the right tools, making sure you have the right processes and getting the help you need to be confident and efficient on camera — video transformation services help you fully adopt a video first approach to doing business.

This will let your business:

  • Attract and convert more people via your website and increase the return on your video investment thanks to a more cohesive, strategic approach
  • Nurture marketing and sales prospects with a friendly, more approachable face to your business so you close more deals and turn them into happy customers
  • Manage and build stronger relationships, internally and externally, which are healthier and more productive than before

Sounds interesting? Up for learning more? Check out our free course on the fundamentals of inbound video…

Lights, camera, action: Get to grips with inbound video

As time progresses, video becomes more and more crucial for businesses. It’s easy to consume, communicates knowledge quickly and effectively, and shows a side to a business you don’t usually get. 

Our course, ‘Inbound video fundamentals’ delves into the value of video, exploring the impact of effective video marketing techniques. If you’re looking to:

  • Get ahead of the competition and the game
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  • Develop a more agile way of communicating
  • Make your email marketing efforts even more effective
  • Bolster your website with interactive, interesting content
  • Rank better in search engine results
  • Create more avenues for thought leadership, steering the conversation within your industry
  • And more

Then video is for you. So what are you waiting for? Enrol on the online course for free today by clicking the button below.