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What our core values mean to us

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Just imagine walking into an office every day without anything in place to support the vision of the business, shape the culture and reflect what the company is all about. It's actually more common than you think which is why we see a lot of people failing to progress in their current roles and probably don’t even enjoy work.

the digital 22 team

Our core purpose

Before we get into our core values, it's important to understand our core purpose. It's why we go to work each day and what we aim for.

Grow, Learn and Enjoy. Together.

Our core values

At Digital 22, we have our five core values that not only help everyone in our team to further their careers but also make it the most enjoyable place to work - all while keeping our clients’ growth and success in mind.

Continue reading to find out more about them, what they mean to us and how we work towards them. Plus, if you like what you hear, then you’ll fit in pretty well here, just click on each core value below to learn more about them.

  1. Learn and share
  2. Invest in yourself
  3. Build strong relationships
  4. Be accountable
  5. Delighting the client

What our core values mean to us

We live by our core values. They give us all a purpose to be here and lets us know the direction the company is heading. They give us an identity, shape our culture and show what the company is all about to the people already working here, those that are eager to be part of the team and even clients that can’t decide which agency they want to work with.

We can’t just be ‘Digital 22’ without any context. Our core values clarify the identity of our company and remind us why we’re all here.

1. Learn and share

What it means

This is all about everyone at Digital 22 staying hungry to learn new skills and ways of working to evolve with marketing trends. It’s important we’re never static or stay too comfortable. The best way to establish this is to share our learnings by teaching others. 

How we live by it

We’re always on the lookout for new educational materials, articles and anything else we all feel would benefit the rest of the team. We share any useful resources with each other pretty much every day for the team to check out when they have time. We also have learning plans so we’re always growing.

We have a training budget which enables us to run training opportunities externally and internally. If you’re lucky, you might even be taken along to INBOUND in Boston to soak up plenty of inbound marketing and HubSpot knowledge.

tom k and hannah employees of the monthTom K and Hannah after spinning the prize wheel following their Employee of the Month wins.

2. Invest in yourself

What it means

It’s important to prioritise health and wellbeing. Doing this makes sure we can bring our best-selves to the office but also be healthier, happy people away from work too. 

How we live by it

We have a shorter working week of 35.5 hours, extra holiday allowance above the national minimum and an Inhouse Coach to support us.

Our projects team continually review the teams workload to make sure people have manageable schedules. The expectation is we all switch off when we aren't in work and look after ourselves.

3. Be accountable

What it means

This means taking ownership for doing what we said we would, when we said we’d do it by. From arriving to a meeting on time to completing our part in a piece of work.

How we live by it

All of the different positions at Digital 22 are defined by accountabilities, this means it's pretty clear what people expect from us. We organise our time and workload efficiently to make sure we can deliver on any promises. When we do make mistakes, we hold our hands up and share any learnings so our colleagues don't need to make the same mistake. 

digital 22 office

4. Build strong relationships

Another core value we emphasise at Digital 22 is building strong relationships both internally and externally. This means on a professional level in the office with the wider team and even socially - outside of office hours. We’ve found that doing this regularly makes for a stronger and happier team which then translates to happier clients.

How we live by it

We’re not saying we’re all party animals who never get any work done, but we know how important it is to unwind here and there to keep us all sane. It’s not just an annual Christmas party either, we get the whole team involved regularly from the races to a sneaky Friday beer and doughnut challenges.

Whether it’s trying to dethrone the office FIFA champion at lunch during the latest tournament or waking up on a Director’s sofa after a great night out (yes, it happened once - it won’t happen again), we’re always committed to building strong relationships so that the whole team gets along and enjoys working with each other.

digital 22 building strong relationshipsSome of the Digital 22 folk on a recent hike.

5. Delight the client

What it means

It’s simple. Without our amazing clients, we probably wouldn’t be in this incredible position we’re in right now. Whether it’s respecting deadlines or maintaining the high standard of work they expect, this core value is exactly what it says on the tin - keeping the clients happy so we both maintain a healthy and successful relationship.

How we live by it

We aim to make sure our work is geared towards a great service for our clients, delivering the best results and making sure our great work speaks for itself.

It's important to always make sure we make decisions with our clients' goals in mind and continually asking if we're on track to meet those goals. We've spent a lot of time putting many QC processes in place to make sure the quality of our work is at a high level. Finally, always maintaining communication with our clients professionally. 

Do these core values sound important to you? You might be the right fit at Digital 22...

If you’re looking to develop your career further and you can relate to our core values, then Digital 22 could be the perfect place for you to grow. We’re always on the hunt for talented individuals who want to join a tight-knit team looking to take the next step of their inbound marketing journey.

It’s not just inbound marketers we’re after either. We’re growing at such a rapid rate that we’re constantly on the lookout for talented writers, developers, social media marketers and more.

If you want to continue learning and evolving with inbound marketing - and Digital 22 sounds like a place you can see yourself grow - then check out the current vacancies we have available by clicking the button below.