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To ensure that marketing and sales departments will work efficiently together their systems need to work well together too!

We can help you achieve that! We make integrations rock!

Why integration

When sales and marketing teams are working together their systems need to support that collaboration to the fullest.

If you reach out to a sales qualified lead within the hour your possibility to qualify them to an opportunity is 300 percent higher.

For that to happen you need full integration between your marketing automation system and your CRM.


If you are moving from an old traditional CRM-system to HubSpot CRM you won't automatically get all the data and information with you. Migration ensures you get all the information you need in your new CRM!

So get help with migration from one of our specialists.

Fixed priced integrations

With fixed priced integrations you ensure that you know what you are getting and what you are paying, even before we get started. Lower your risk and get great work done.

Make sure your integrations don't come with hidden fees and "project-specific" out-of-scope-issues.

We do fixed priced integrations!

Innovation by integration

We are always innovative when we do integrations. Integration can change how you create and deliver business and make your processes more cost efficient.

We make sure you get the most of your system-portfolio from day one!

Why integration between CRM and marketing automation is essential!

Inbound marketing and marketing automation is a method the generate high quality leads and new customers to you company. But what happens if you, as many companies, don’t integrate your Marketing Automation system to your CRM?

How will your sales rep get the leads and be effective when closing the deal?

With an integration between your HubSpot and your CRM you get a closed loop process. Your leads will be seamlessly transferred to the right sales rep when the lead is ready to buy. We know that the possibility to qualify a lead to an opportunity/deal is 300 percent higher if the sales rep reaches out to the lead in the first hour after the lead is sales qualified.

Make sure you don't miss out on potential business!

With Avidly’s experience and services you can get this integration in place in no time!

Avidly has previously integrated with Sugar CRM, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Netsuite and many more.

Fixed priced HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrations




Setup fee 995 €

€ 200/m

  • Standard installation
  • Online
  • First sync (initial sync)
  • 2 connections


Setup fee 2500 €

€ 280/m

  • Installation
  • Online, On-premise, hosted
  • First sync (initial sync)
  • 4 hours adaption
  • Acceptance test
  • 2 hours consultation after the production launch
  • 2 connections


Setup fee 5000 €

€ 400/m

  • Installation
  • Online, On-Premise, hosted
  • First sync (initial sync)
  • 8 hours adaptation
  • Acceptance test
  • Ongoing support
  • 4 hours consultation after the production launch
  • 3 Connections


Setup fee +10000 €

€ +600/m

  • Installation
  • Online, On-Premise, hosted
  • First sync (initial sync)
  • Adaptations
  • Acceptance test
  • Ongoing support
  • 4 Connections

Have a complex integration you need solved?


We have done complex enterprise grade integrations. You'll find some examples below.

  • One Salesforce CRM instance integrated with multiple HubSpot Portals
  • HubSpot CRM integrated with ERP system saving the client 30 min per closed deal
  • Customer base of 4 000 000 customers spread onto 8 different systems integrated to one CRM system

Integration can be complex but with the right technology and resources it can be really simple for you and with lot's of time saving in your business processes. Connect with us for a discussion.

Do you have more questions? Fill in the form at the end of the page or read our blog posts!

About Avidly 

The history of Avidly and our specialists goes back to 2004 when the company was founded. Since then we have done 100+ integrations, all from huge complicated integrations with high amounts of data, to simple out-of-the-box integrations.

One of the integrations we are especially proud of is one for a life and pension insurance company where we integrated the CRM towards 8 different systems and handled 3,8 million customers with 14 million agreement.

All that data was updated in real-time, everyday, all day!

Our competence regarding integration is extensive.

Avidly uses different technology partners and we are proud to be:

  • HubSpot Diamond Partner
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Partner
  • Scribe Software Partner and preferred partner in EMEA

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