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We reach your audience
with multichannel campaigns

You should be exactly where your target audience is. In order to reach the right audience, it is important to have a data-based media strategy, which supports your campaign goals.

We offer the most effective media planning and buying operations across all media groups: TV, radio, outdoor, print and digital. Our media specialists are experienced in multichannel media planning and cost-efficient buying and negotiation. Continuous testing and improvements are made based on results.


...of marketers are struggling to identify the most effective media mix.

Optimising your media mix and understanding your customers' journey better frees resources for more impactful marketing.

Digital channels enable measurement in ways that traditional techniques cannot. Through media mix modelling we can combine medias that work well together and provide the highest return on investments.



Let’s find the best media mix for you

Holistic media planning takes account of activities across all media channels including TV, radio, OOH, print, influencer marketing, social media and other digital channels. By having us media planning, making channel choices and operating campaigns, you ensure a comprehensive view of what has been done and what should be done in the future to get even better results.

We do continuous optimization, testing and learning to make sure our clients have the best possible media mix for their individual needs. We also provide clients recommendations regarding budget so that the budgets are on reasonable levels on each media channel to reach the goals. 





Customer insights and data guides our process

Our plans, choices and recommendations are always strongly based on data. We focus on finding your customers through various channels and use data tools such as TNS mind and SEMRush for gaining customer insight and information on media usage.

Furthermore, we have multiple optimisation tools such as, Ambine and Optimyzr to make sure your campaigns get the best results possible.

No media left unturned

Our networks already cover a wide range of channels and we are always ready to reach out to new media. Having connections with traditional media houses helps us to get the best prices for our clients. Alongside traditional media, programmatic advertising offers a limitless amount of digital advertising opportunities and it is also more trackable.

In addition to traditional media, we cover all digital channels: Google, Bing, Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tiktok, Pinterest, Snapchat, Spotify – you name it! We also offer a wide range of social media services including advertising, community management and influencer marketing. You can be sure that we cover all the bases when it comes to looking for the best media options for your campaign.





Explore more with a yearly plan

Marketing is a continuous process and one campaign may not come even close to covering all your business needs. In these cases, it is best to focus our efforts on a wider scale and work on a media strategy and plan that covers the whole year. Your own dedicated team and media specialists will work on continuous testing, and overtime, campaign changes are made based on learnings to reach even better results.



 The planning process starts from defining metrics and measurement for the media campaign. The selection of the media mix will be decided based on the target audience insight, campaign concept and the materials available or materials that are possible to produce with the given budget. 



Once the media plan is ready, it will be presented to you and modified if needed. Final prices of the media are negotiated on our behalf, and the final plan will be sent to be approved in written format. Campaign must be also confirmed and booked from the media and once this is done, creative materials are finalized by our design team to ensure the fit with the chosen set of media formats.



Campaign is set up timely in accordance with the media plan. During the campaign, we monitor and optimise the campaign and provide reporting in an agreed schedule. Final report will be delivered after the campaign.


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