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A day in the life of an Inbound Marketer at Digital 22

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From writing emails to creating GIFs and learning about RPA, my role as an Inbound Marketer at Digital 22 has so many different aspects that every day is different. But what doesn’t change on a daily basis is that I use HubSpot for most parts of my role and maintain the close relationships with our Strategists who manage the clients I work on. 

The Inbound Marketer role involves a lot of writing and building. A nickname I came up with to describe my role is we are the Bob the Builders of the marketing world as it’s a lot easier to describe to people, like my mother, what we do. She understands many things when you relate it to cartoons or kids TV. 

But as she won’t be reading this blog, I can go into a bit more detail on what a typical day looks like for me as an Inbound Marketer at Digital 22.

Amy & Teagan training

Upon arrival... 

My day usually starts bang on 9am as I’m a typical girl. I like my sleep and with my added extensions, getting ready takes a little longer. Once entering the office, I venture to the kitchen to my locker, number 26, and collect my stuff for the day. 

Our office is pretty big and we hot desk but as I’m a later arrival, I usually just end up wherever I can. I try to sit near my Strategists as I communicate with them a lot throughout the day, but I also like a natter so I tend to sit with the other chatty people.

Once sat down, I check my emails. These usually consist of Accelo tasks (our project management tool) and my Strategists giving me feedback on emails I’ve written the previous day.

Starting my day

Once I’ve checked my emails, I log onto Accelo which has all my tasks lined up for me that day. This really helps with time management and juggling any other ad-hoc tasks and prioritising which tasks to start first.

Each task has a time allowance, so I usually start with the bigger tasks as I’m more focused in the morning. This can be anything from writing workflow emails which can usually take up to six hours depending on the client and the amount of emails to write to, well, generally writing eshots for all my clients which usually take around an hour per email. 

Yes, I write a lot of emails.

By mid-morning

It’s hard to say exactly what I’m up to at this point as my days vary depending on ad-hoc tasks, meetings and workload. So instead, I’ll list off some of the exciting things I can get up to within my role.

Writing and building emails

Yes, this may sound dull but there’s so much you can do with an email that it’s actually quite a fun task. When it comes to building an email, our clients allow us to get creative, meaning we can create email banners, GIFs and unique images to help make their emails stand out from the competition.

Writing and building landing pages

This is a task we do once every quarter for each client. It’s to create the page which holds the form and information for that quarters download piece, whether that’s an eBook, quiz, checklist or even an event. 

Again, we can get creative with these pages, as long as we stick to the brand guidelines. 

Ad-hoc tasks

These are tasks not part of a campaign. They can be anything from helping the design team add copy to a new website to writing this blog, for example. Ad-hoc tasks are usually a lot of fun because it takes you away from your day-to-day tasks and allows you to try something new.

Amy working at a desk

How do we do all this?

There are a lot more tasks we do as Inbound Marketers, such as build workflows, attend campaign brainstorms and briefings, publish campaigns, do keyword research, review previous work and come up with new ideas. I could go on all day about what I do, but there’s one thing that ties all this together - HubSpot. 

As marketers, we use HubSpot for every task we do. It’s where we build our emails, publish our workflows, keep our images, GIFs and videos, build web pages plus so much more. As a marketer, you have to know your way around HubSpot as it’s such a big part of our role.

We can't forget about lunch 

Ahh lunch, or as us Northerners call it, dinner. Yes, dinner is lunch and tea is dinner. From time to time, it’s someone's birthday that day which means we get a range of treats, from caterpillar cakes, cheese boards to a range of chocolate goodies and biscuits. 

So, by the time dinner comes around, I’ve already eaten god knows what. It’s difficult to stay skinny in this place.

I usually bring my dinner in, which usually consists of spaghetti bolognese or chilli, but sometimes I go healthy and bring a salad in. I venture to have lunch at 12:30 and so do many of my colleagues which means the battle for the microwave commences.

During lunch, the boys usually enjoy a game of pool or FIFA but us girls enjoy a natter and to discuss what we’re going to wear on our next night out.

Digital 22 Christmas Party

We tend to plan a night out once every quarter as it’s a great way to bond with people you don’t work as closely with throughout the week and for us all to really just let our hair down. We tend to start the party in the office where we can play some games, eat some pizza and just enjoy chilling out with each other. 

Those who enjoy a good time out usually venture out to Whalley or go downstairs to Holmes Mill to enjoy the largest bar in Europe.


Back to work

Like I mentioned before, my days are never the same, so I’ll more than likely continue working on one of the above tasks. I do prefer to keep the fun tasks to the afternoon, like creating some email headers and GIF’s.

To do this, I use a tool called Canva which is where I get creative. Using the client brand guidelines, I create a range of banners for the client to then choose from. I mean, having options is great. If I’m out of creative juices, I tend to brush up on how I can be a better inbound marketer by reading some blogs or watching some videos.

I love to learn on the job to better improve my skills so during the afternoon, I try to fit in some training. HubSpot have a training academy full of useful videos and certifications to take.

Time to head home

Monday to Thursday our day ends at 5pm. This is when I’ll pack my things back up in my locker, make sure all my time is logged and venture over to the car park to head home. 

However, on a Friday we finish at 3pm which is amazing. Some of us tend to stay at work and enjoy a game of pool, FIFA or even table tennis. But I usually have some beauty treatments on a Friday so I tend to leave at 3pm.

Amy & Teagan Playing a Game

The day in the life of an Inbound Marketer is a hard one to really explain. We do so many different tasks and get to take advantage of a range of amazing tools that I just couldn’t fit it into one blog without rambling. Blog writing isn’t my forte, it’s the Content Marketers as they live and breathe writing. 

Anyway, here’s my attempt. I hope you enjoyed it.

Want to find out more about what it’s like working at an inbound marketing agency?

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